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Information Systems Courses (IS)

IS 2241 - Computer Concepts and Applications (3)

This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to microcomputer literacy, word processing, spreadsheets, database, business graphics and the internet.

IS 3310 - Introduction to Information Systems and Data Analytics (3)

Introduction to the types of information systems used in the global business environment, with an emphasis on describing how information systems support operations and are used to make business decisions. Prerequisites: Lower-level Business Core, IS 2241.

IS 3315 - Advanced Applications for Accounting

A computer software applications course in which students use electronic spreadsheet software and other application software to design and implement solutions to common accounting problems and issues. Prerequisites: ACT 2292, BUS 3310 and IS 2241.

IS 3320 - Data Communication and Networks (3)

This course introduces the theory and practical applications of current technologies in data communication and computer networks. Emphasis is placed on data communication principles, local and wide area networks and an understanding of the basic features, operations, and limitations of data communications and computer networks. Coverage includes wireless technologies, industry convergence, compression techniques, network security, LAN technologies, VoIP, and error detection and correction. Prerequisite: IS 2241, IS 3310.

IS 3346 - Database Management Systems I (3)

This course is an introduction to database management systems (DBMS) and design via conceptual, logical, and physical modeling techniques. Emphasis is on relational DBMS, including modeling organizational data, representation of data relationships, data definition and manipulation, database design and normalization concepts, database generation, and database administration. Prerequisites: IS 2241, IS 3310, or consent of instructor.

IS 3350 - Business Programming (3)

The course introduces and develops programming fundamentals, including program structure, assignment, data types, input/output, flow of control, functions, arrays, pointers, strings, object structures, list processing, and advanced I/O. emphasis is placed on understanding and developing object oriented programs in an integrated development environment (IDE). Prerequisites: Grade of ‘C’ or higher in IS 2241 and MTH 1112.

IS 4410 - Business Data Mining (3)

This course introduces the concepts and practices of extracting information from large databases to support human business decision-making in the areas of summarization, prediction, patterns, relationships, trends, and customer behavior. The course covers various analytical techniques to extract managerial information from large data warehouses using a number of well-defined data mining tasks such as classification, estimation, prediction, affinity grouping and clustering, and data visualization. The course will examine methods and software tools for transforming large amounts of data into new and useful information, uncovering factors that affect purchasing patterns, and identifying potential profitable investments and opportunities. The course will also survey applications and provide an opportunity for hands on experimentation with algorithms for data mining using software and cases. Prerequisites: IS 3346, QM 2241, or consent of instructor.

IS 4415 - Big Data Analytics and Visualization (3)

This course introduces best practices of data analytics to create a more competitive and profitable organization. Students will learn how Big Data interacts with business, and how to apply data analytic methodologies to create value for an organization. The course includes hands-on applications of sophisticated data-analysis functions and methodologies to real world data sets with cutting edge software and tools. The course also includes business cases of how the leading digital companies embrace big data culture and the use of data analytic techniques to out-compete rivals in their industry and to be more profitable than traditional companies in the global business environments. This course is a capstone course for the concentration. Prerequisites: IS 3350, IS 4410.

IS 4440 - Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (3)

This course is an introduction to organizational data business resource, using business intelligence and knowledge management techniques. Emphasis is on developing database management systems (DBMS) as operational data stores and data warehouses for management decision-making, through business analytics, balanced score card metrics, data visualization, data mining, dashboards, and business performance management. Prerequisites: IS 3346.

IS 4447 - Systems Analysis and Design (3)

This course discusses the processes, methods, techniques, and tools to develop information system. The course covers a systematic methodology to analyze business requirements, design information system solution, implement and test information system. This course is the capstone course for the concentration. This course follows a project-based approach that requires students to complete a software implementation project using a systems development lifecycle methodology. Prerequisites: IS 3346, IS 3350.

IS 4451 - Information Security, Assurance and Compliance (3)

This course introduces information security awareness, governance, assurance, and compliance associated with essential network infrastructure. Emphasis is placed on understanding information systems security policy and technology countermeasures across network infrastructure access points including physical security, authentication, access control, encryption, and system management. Prerequisites: IS 3320.

IS 4460 - E-Commerce Design (3)

This course introduces the basic concepts and language of e-commerce. Coverage includes the planning and development of an e-commerce site, including such issues as security, customer service, payment, and marketing. The course is designed to teach students to explore and evaluate e-commerce technologies, sites, and issues. Prerequisite: IS 4447.

IS 4470 - Server-Side Web Development and Administration (3)

This course introduces server side web application development and administration technologies. The course emphases on the ability to design and implement real-world web applications, and the solutions of server related issues including security and scalability. Prerequisites: IS 3346, IS 3350.

IS 4475 - Internet Technology Development (3)

This course introduces web application development technologies in an Internet environment and the related scripting languages. The course emphasis is on developing secure client-side web applications with HTML and JavaScript, and consuming web services. Prerequisites: IS 3350.

IS 4493-94 - Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)

Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.

IS 4498 - Information Systems Internship (3)

The Information Systems Internship provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world insurance experience in their field of study. Students are interviewed and selected by the individual companies offering the internship. See the Information Systems division chair for details. Prerequisite: Student must have completed all four required IS courses with a “B” average. Student must have Internship Proposal approved prior to registering for class.