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Academic Evaluation Center

The Academic Evaluation Center (or AEC) at TROY evaluates transfer credit for all currently enrolled undergraduate students attending any TROY location. The AEC evaluates transfer equivalencies based on established transfer credit policies and procedures with the needs of our student population in mind. We make every effort to provide our students with the maximum amount of credit for their previous education and training. We adhere to the standards of good practice set forth by our accrediting bodies while maintaining the overall integrity for which our degree programs are known. In addition, during this individual transcript evaluation process, we attempt to set as many common transfer equivalencies as possible to aid current student advising as well as provide prospective transfer student information. We at the AEC hope the transfer information on these pages is helpful to you and look forward to helping you achieve your academic pursuits with TROY.

The AEC is also responsible for building and maintaining all academic program requirements for each catalog year in the student data system, which is used by the University in determining the academic requirements required for each student degree plan and any remaining requirements for a student's degree completion. 

A student should request their OFFICIAL Academic Program Evaluation at least once per year or anytime a major or minor change occurs.  The "Request for Official Academic Evaluation and/or Change of Major" form can be found online at Records/Forms.

SPECIAL NOTE Regarding Double Majors or Minors NOT required for degree completion:

  • If a student uses Federal Financial Aid, it will only pay for credit hours required in a program or major area of study. This limits TROY’s ability to add additional majors/minors (credit hour requirements) to a student’s evaluation.
  • If a student wishes to complete a double-major, minor, or a second minor that is not required for their degree Program or Major, they will be advised to use the Academic Catalog to determine which courses will be needed for the additional minor, major, or program. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all requirements for this additional selection are completed.
  • Advisors, Academic Services Associates, and the Record’s Office, are here to help, but students must reach out for assistance.
  • Additional coursework must be paid for out of pocket. 
  • When it is time to submit the Graduation Application, the student will need to indicate the completion of the additional minor, etc.   
  • As long as all requirements were completed, the student will graduate with the additional minor, etc. 


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