Military Credit

Military Credit


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Our institution proudly grants credit for military learning and/or experience using the ACE Military Guide. Learn more about which credits we accept and how we apply them to your degree at Troy University.

The American Council on Education (ACE) was created in 1942 to recognize the educational value of military training and experience. Since that time ACE has continuously evaluated military schools, correspondence courses and occupations to determine the amount and level of academic credit each should be awarded. TROY recognizes and posts all military service credit with ACE credit recommended credits at the lower/upper level associate/baccalaureate category. Vocational level credit is not recognized and duplicate credit for the same course award will not be allowed. In most cases, these credits will be used to fulfill free elective requirements. Further academic departmental review/substitution relative to the degree program may allow additional application of some eligible credit.

TRANSCRIPTS OF MILITARY SERVICE for Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard - may be requested through the Joint Services Transcript (JST) website.  (Click here for more information).

AIR FORCE – CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) -

VETERANS – Veterans who are eligible may use the JST website as well.  However, if you are not eligible for a Joint Services Transcript, you will need to provide your DD-214 Discharge Document to receive credit for your experience.


 A limited amount of graduate credit may be awarded for select Professional Military Education courses completed at select military service schools for which credit is recommended by the American Council on Education and approved by each appropriate College’s Dean. The credit will be awarded if approved by the appropriate academic department/Dean through the PETITION FOR TRANSFER OF GRADUATE CREDIT process. Graduate students must refer to their specific area of study in the graduate catalog to find out if such credit is an option for their program. No credit may be granted for any work that will be over eight years old at the time of graduation from the TROY program for which transfer credit is requested.