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Student Planning FAQs

Where is Student Planning located?

Student Planning can be found by logging into Self-Service, and selecting Students in the right hand menu option. On the right hand menu options, you will see Academic Planning; select Student Planning Registration.

How do I register for courses in Student Planning?

After you have logged into Student Planning, you will need to click on the course catalog link underneath the student planning tab. From there, you will select the department from the course for which you would like to register. Once you have identified a course you want to register for, click on the grey dropdown bar, choose the correct section, and click Add Section to Schedule. If you would like to see all available sections for this class in a calendar view, you can click Add Course to Plan, and then choose the correct semester/term. Do this for each course for which you would like to register.

How do I Plan & Schedule?

When all courses have been added to your plan, click on Plan & Schedule under the Student Planning drop down tab. Use the arrows to toggle to the correct semester/term. All classes will appear yellow. If you placed courses on your schedule but didn't choose specific sections, click the View other sections dropdown box under each course. This will place all available sections on the calendar view. Closed/full sections will appear in red and you will be unable to add those to your schedule. Determine which section you would like and click on it on the calendar. This adds that section to your plan.

Once you have determined you have the schedule you and your advisor have agreed upon, click the Register Now button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. All courses should turn GREEN. If any still appear YELLOW, please contact your advisor and have them help you determine the error. Remember, you are only registered for GREEN courses.

How do I remove planned courses from my schedule? How do I drop courses?

To remove any planned/yellow course, click the X next to the course. To drop a course you are registered for (green), click Drop under the course information on the Plan & Schedule tab. Please remember, if you wish to withdraw from the semester/term, you must submit a withdrawal form.

How do I know if I have completed registration?

Once you have successfully registered for your courses, they will turn GREEN and have a check mark in the left corner of the course box.

Important: If you do not see the GREEN box, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED!

Who would I contact for more assistance?

For assistance or questions regarding registration, you should contact your advisor or call the help center at 800-414-5756.

For Student Planning login or technical issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket by clicking on the following link: Submit HelpDesk Ticket



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