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Adult Education Courses (ADE)

ADE 5560 - Instructional Systems Development (3)

This course emphasizes systematically developed course design. Special attention is given to learning and instructional systems theory.

ADE 6600 - Foundations of Adult Education (3)

An overview of adult education to give an understanding of characteristics of adults as learners as well as the history, philosophy, and nature of adult education. Includes exposure to fundamental adult education concepts such as lifelong learning, self-directed learning, and contract learning.

ADE 6605 - Computer Based Instructional Technologies (3)

This graduate level advanced survey course is designed to prepare students to use classroom adaptable technologies. Emphasis is given to historical and social context, computer systems, software, hardware, and curriculum adaptation.

ADE 6606 - Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies (3)

This course focuses on current and emerging instructional technologies. The emphasis of this class is on the instructional use of production software, desktop publishing, graphics, hypermedia, online services, optical technology, and telecommunications.

ADE 6608 - Curriculum Integration of Technology (3)

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to apply knowledge and competency in instructional technologies in relation to curriculum design, diverse models, and teaching situations at all developmental levels. Included is evaluation of software, audio/ visual production, and instructional design using technology as a basis for instruction.

ADE 6610 - Workforce Development and Training (3)

This course will explore the differences in personnel training and workforce development. It will provide an exploration of the scope, values, and purposes of the field of Workforce Development. The course will address theories and application of adult training.

ADE 6612 - Workforce Management and Organizational Development (3)

This course provides an introduction to the field of Workforce Management and Organizational Development (WMOD). It examines basic concepts and principles of human performance, the theoretical underpinnings of the field, research and application literature, and various approaches to solving human performance problems. A systematic approach to the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of performance improvement interventions within organizations is emphasized.

ADE 6617 - Seminar in Personnel Planning and Leadership (3)

This course focuses specifically on an understanding of how leadership is distributed among leaders (formal and informal) and followers within an organization. Special emphasis will be given to building leadership capacity with an organization.

ADE 6620 - Seminar in Communication and Human Relations (3)

An investigation of literature and research related to verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, and human relations appropriate to adult education.

ADE 6630 - Programs for Adult Education (3)

A study of current concepts and objectives of adult education programs, courses and activities. Includes study of adult education programs and agencies serving diverse adult learners.

ADE 6640 - Social Context of Adult Education (3)

This course examines the social context of adult education in terms of the impact of social, political, economic, global, and technological changes. Special emphasis will be given to the analysis of trends and issues, synthesis of complex concepts, and development of reflective practice.

ADE 6641 - Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics (3)

An overview of paradigms, theories, models, and constructs of organizational cultures designed to provide students with an understanding of group dynamics within organizations.

ADE 6645 - Power, Politics and Organizational Change (3)

This course is designed for participants to understand the interwoven intricacies between the different forces within an organization and how to maneuver and persuade organizational outcomes.

ADE 6653 - Educational Evaluation (3)

This course is designed to assist participants with the development of knowledge and skills that can be applied to successful student outcomes assessment and curriculum program evaluation. Specifically, the course will focus on planning and constructing teacher made tests and performance assessments. In addition, the course includes the study of basic models and approaches used in evaluating curriculum/programs for effectiveness.

ADE 6670 - Adult Learning and Development (3)

This course is a study of the distinctive characteristics of adult development and the implications for adult learning. Emphasis will be given to the understanding of philosophical orientations related to the nature of adult learners and their learning processes; principles of motivation and effective facilitation geared toward adult learners; and social and cultural influences on adult learning.

ADE 6674 - Methods and Strategies for Teaching Adults (3)

A study of methods and formats used in organizing educational materials for adult learners. Emphasis is given to designing effective instruction which matches methods and strategies to educational demands.

ADE 6680 - Curriculum Development for Adult Education (3)

A study of concepts, learning theories, materials, and media related to curriculum and program development in adult education.

ADE 6691 - Research Methodology (3)

The study and evaluation of research methods commonly used in the social sciences. The course will provide information necessary to understand and apply research processes, synthesize knowledge and writing, and plan and organize research problems for interpretation and application of research results. Application of these skills in the form of a written project using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) is required. A grade of “B” or better is required.

ADE 6694 - Special Problems in Adult Education (1-3)

A study of problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of problem to be approved by student’s adviser and instructor under whom study is to be made. Study should contribute to student’s program. Preparation of scholarly paper or project required and may involve oral defense.

ADE 6695 - Thesis (1-6)

The thesis must be related to both the student’s concentration area and adult education. Information regarding thesis guidelines and requirements may be obtained from the Graduate School office. Grading system is Pass/Fail.

ADE 6696 6697 6698 - Practicum in Adult Education (1–3)

Supervised experiences related to instruction in area of specialization. Emphasis on application of skills, concepts, and principles acquired in previous courses. Grading system is Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Completion of coursework and approval of adviser are required.

ADE 6699 - Capstone (3)

This course is a culminating experience that helps students integrate and apply the knowledge they have gained in their program. Emphasis is placed on challenging students to view the adult educational process from many perspectives. Working independently students will create an educational portfolio to demonstrate mastery of program objectives and proof of readiness to receive a master’s degree, which will be submitted in portions throughout the term/semester for feedback from the instructor and classmates. An oral presentation will be required. A second option for Capstone is the completion of an internship in the student’s field of interest. The internship must be approved by the Capstone instructor. Grading system is Pass/Fail. Prerequisites: Completion of all core (ADE 6600, ADE 6640, ADE 6670, ADE 6691) and at least four of the six required concentration classes. Students must obtain a 3.0 GPA before entering ADE 6699.

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