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Business Courses (BUS)

BUS 6600 - Survey of Business Concepts (3)

An overview course of the business management field including the functional areas of economics, marketing, quantitative methods, human relations, and human resource management. A grade of “B” or better is required.

BUS 6611 - Global Business Strategy (3)

This course integrates the skills and knowledge developed in earlier MBA core courses and emphasizes case analysis. Formulation and implementation of strategies are stressed. This course serves as the capstone requirement for the MBA degree and may not be transferred into the MBA program. Prerequisites: 24 semester credit completed in the MBA pro-gram to include all other core courses. A grade of “B” or better is required.

BUS 6625 6626 6627 - Specialized Study in the Area of Business Administration (1-3)

Study of problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of the problems must be approved by the student’s adviser, the instructor under whom the study is to be made, and the appropriate dean. The study should contribute to the student’s pro-gram. Preparation of a scholarly paper is required and many involve and oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses may not exceed six semester hours. A specialized study may be substituted for a required course only once in student’s program. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

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