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Educational Administration & Leadership Courses (EAL)

EAL 6609 - Communication and Problem Solving (3)

This course is designed to develop communication and problem solving skills required for effective leadership of people, processes, and organizations. Emphasis will be placed on verbal, interpersonal, and written communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution and consensus building. Special attention will be given to working diverse populations.

EAL 6625 - Specialized Topics in Educational Leadership (3)

A seminar concerned with an in-depth examination of one topic that is acutely important to educational leadership. Students are expected to use primary resources, journals, and the Internet to research and discuss the topic. The primary format of the class will be discussion, although group exercises, individual presentations and written response will also be used.

EAL 6633 - Leadership: Theory and Practice (3)

This course deals with the development of knowledge and skills needed for key leadership challenges such as vision, motivation, staff development, inclusive decision making and strategic planning are stress. The concept of leadership is discussed from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. Distinctions between management skills and leadership skills are emphasized. The ethical and moral aspects of leadership are examined.

EAL 6643 - Administration of School Personnel (3)

This course develops capacities to effectively recruit, coordinate, and develop human resources within an educational environment. Administrative procedures such as facilities management, materials management, and technology management will also be discussed.

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