Global Leadership Courses

Global Leadership Courses (GLOL)

GLOL 8801 - Global Leadership Seminar (1)

This course is an advanced seminar for doctoral students in global leadership. Candidates will be exposed to a comprehensive examination of the factors that impact global leaders. The course will focus on the development of the students’ ability to think critically about the complexity of the direct, indirect, and interactive impact of factors on leading within multinational organizations that operate worldwide. Attention is given to global ethical, diversity, and conflict management, research and practices. The course includes theoretical orientation and theory-to-practice experiences using case studies, demonstrations, guest speakers, and simulations. Written projects will focus on critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and information literacy. Students meet each year with professors, distinguished leaders, practitioners, academic advisors, external coaches and mentors to work on the development of their skills. (Course credit is one hour for each yearly seminar for a total of 3 hours credit.)

GLOL 8802 - Introduction to Doctoral Study in Global Leadership and Innovation (3)

In this course the doctoral student explores the rationale for pursuing a doctorate in global leadership within the context of personal preferences, professional competencies and organizational politics. The student is provided an orientation to the doctoral program including expectations and skills required in anticipation of the tremendous demand for performance. Participation skills, professional writing competencies, and analytical ability in a structural collegial environment are required.

GLOL 8803 - Global Leadership (3)

Global Leadership is designed to enable doctoral candidates to understand the foundational concepts and develop the analytical skills needed to be an effective global leader in a variety of education and related settings. Candidates will explore their own leadership, personality and cognitive styles and learn how these may affect the performance of others within the organization. This course will build upon fundamental leadership theory and further explore historical and contemporary global leadership theories, models and perspectives. The course will focus on performance-based projects and exercises as well as provide opportunities to individually reflect and write about the concepts explored and skills gained throughout the course.

GLOL 8804 - Innovation in Global Leadership (3)

Students will examine innovation through an analysis of theory, measurement, diffusion, strategy, costs, tools, models, applications, benchmarking, and future trends. Global organizations will be studied by analyzing infrastructure for innovation, motivation for innovation by the global leader, the measure of innovation and the use of innovation to promote the competitive advantage of the global organization as well as the role of the global leader in 80 quality growth and innovation, the use of social networks and innovation, and the use of knowledge sharing, adaptation and innovation.

GLOL 8805 - Cultures, Values and Ethics in a Global Environment (3)

This course will address diverse, cultural, ethic, social and special populations in the global environment. The changing culture of global higher education; disparate cultural norms across borders, including the importance of values and ethics for the global leader will be considered. The course rests on the assumption that leadership is a subset of ethics rather than ethics being a subset of leadership studies; the ethics of what and who global leaders are, what they do, and how they do it in their changeling environment will be examined. Ethical and cultural issues related to leadership will be assessed through case studies concerning leaders in a variety of contexts and cultures. The course looks at how leaders convey values through actions, language, and as role models

GLOL 8806 - Policy and Politics in Global Leadership (3)

In this course the doctoral student is exposed to numerous contemporary issues in the field of global leadership. Candidates will research selected topics to gain a broad perspective of the field of global leadership as it applies to various organizations and locations. Candidates will evaluate relevant data and draw conclusions and implications based upon the data, research and class discussions.

GLOL 8807 - Internship in Global Leadership (3)

In this course the candidate identifies various types of global higher education institutions or global organizations and plans a program of study in the institution of choice. Candidates will explore issues, challenges and opportunities in the institution through practicum experiences under professional supervision provided by practicing professionals and Troy University faculty (May be repeated to a maximum of 9 semester hours.)

GLOL 8898 - Writing the Dissertation in Global Leadership (3)

The purpose of this course is to begin to prepare students to undertake a major research study, specifically the dissertation. Requirements and expectations of doctoral candidates, as well as technology that can be used will be addressed. This course will assist the doctoral candidate to refine and/or define a dissertation topic and develop the rationale for a particular research agenda. This course is designed to prepare candidates to develop a dissertation proposal for presentation to a committee and to gain the knowledge necessary to complete the dissertation. The outcome from the course is the prospectus.

GLOL 8899 - Dissertation (1-3)

This course is designed to assist candidates as they complete the development of a dissertation proposal, present the proposal to the committee for approval, conduct a study, analyze, present and discuss data, complete and defend the dissertation. The candidate will be enrolled in this course for a minimum of 9 semester hours. The instructor of record will serve as the committee chair for the dissertation (May be repeated.)

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