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Human Resource Management Courses (HRM)

HRM 6603 - Human Resource Management (3)

The study of the management of people at work with emphasis on recruiting, selecting, training and evaluating personnel. The study of the use of technology to streamline HR activities. Must be taken during the first term. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, admission into the MBA, MSM, or MSHRM programs and all undergraduate prerequisite courses or equivalents completed.

HRM 6604 - Labor Relations (3)

A broad survey of relevant laws, court decisions, and administrative agency rulings relating to union/management relations. An introduction to the techniques, strategies, and objectives of contract negotiation, collective bargaining, and contract administration in union/management relations. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6605 - Legal Environment of Employment Decisions (3)

This course is designed to help the student understand the law as it applies to the management of human resources. Its coverage is aimed at preparing the managers of human resources to recognize legal problems, to know the legal impact of decisions on personnel matters and to be knowledgeable of the law as it might impact individuals in organizations. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6619 - Seminar in Human Resource Administration (3)

Analysis and discussion of current problems and issues in HRM. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6622 - Workforce Planning and Staffing (3)

A study of theory, principles, and legal requirements for effective workplace planning, recruitment selection, and employment in organizational settings. The course provides an in-depth analysis of tools, techniques and statistical concepts applied to the fundamental HR function of workforce planning and staffing. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6623 - Talent Development (3)

A study of concepts and practices critical to identifying human resources training and developmental needs critical to ensuring organizational effectiveness. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6625 6626 6627 - Specialized Study in the Area of Human Resource Management (1-6)

Study of a problem or problems using research techniques. The study topic requires approval of the student’s adviser, the instructor under whom study is to be made, the college dean and the graduate dean. The course requires preparation of a scholarly paper or project and may involve an oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses is not to exceed six semester hours. A specialized study, with prior approval, may be substituted for only one required course in a student’s program. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

HRM 6628 - Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry (3)

This elective course applies the principles of human resource management to the hospitality industry. It also provides an overview of the hospitality industry and analyzes contemporary issues in the management of human capital in the hospitality industry.

HRM 6632 - Compensation and Benefits (3)

This course is designed to provide the student with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to design, administer, and evaluate compensation systems. It will address the application of both tangible and intangible forms of compensation to attract, motivate and retain employees. All business foundation courses or equivalent are required for MBA, MSM, and MSHRM programs.

HRM 6635 - Employee Relations, Health, and Safety (3)

This course is designed to develop the students understanding of major employment laws and sound employee relations practices that promote positive employee relationships, employee engagement, and retention. The course examines key employee relations functions such as developing corporate culture, promoting effective organizational communication, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, resolving issues of employee misconduct, fostering employee safety, health and wellness, and ensuing legal compliance. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

HRM 6641 - People Analytics (3)

An examination of the metrics, data analysis methods, and data interpretation that are central to creating evidence-based human capital management practices that support business strategy. Applications will relate to talent acquisition, training and development, diversity and inclusion, compensation, performance management, employee safety, and retention. While the course takes an applied perspective, basic competency in Excel or SPSS and related statistical techniques (e.g., ANOVA, correlation, regression) is required. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

HRM 6645 - International Human Resource Management (3)

A survey of theory and practice of human resource management in global firms and issues of cross cultural communication and behavior affecting organizational effectiveness in culturally diverse organizations. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

HRM 6689 - Human Resource Management Internship (3)

Must be unconditionally admitted to the Master of Science in Human Resources Management program, must have less than one year’s work experience in the Human Resources Management field, must not be currently employed in any capacity by a firm or organization sponsoring the internship, must have completed at least four required courses by the start of the semester in which the internship begins (i.e., courses should include HRM 6603 and at least one of the following courses: HRM 6622, HRM 6623, or HRM 6632, as approved by the student’s academic adviser). At least one semester prior to registration for the internship, students must submit a written request to the faculty adviser who will supervise the internship. The request should include the student’s reasons for wanting to participate in the internship program as well as the goals the student hopes to achieve. The internship request must be approved prior to registration for credit.

HRM 6698 - Strategic Human Resource Management (3)

This course focuses on an integration of theories and concepts related to the formulation and implementation of human resource strategies to support business strategies. Students analyze case studies, identify problems and their causes, and propose solutions both orally and in writing. The course is also designed to broaden the student’s exposure to the classical and contemporary literature of human resource management. A grade of B or better is required. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required HRM core courses. Entrance into HRM 6698 may be permitted with Department head approval as long as only one core course has not been completed and it is being taken concurrently with HRM 6698.