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Information Systems Courses (IS)

IS 6625 6626 - Specialized Study in the Area of Information Systems (1-3)

Study of problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of the problem must be approved by the student’s adviser, the instructor under whom the study is to be made, and the appropriate dean. The study must contribute to the student’s program. Preparation of a scholarly paper is required and may involve an oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses may not exceed six semester hours. A specialized study may be substituted for a required course only once in a student’s program. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

IS 6660 - Introduction to Data Analytic Strategies and Applications (3)

This course focuses on developing new insights and understanding of organizational performance based on data and quantitative methods. The course introduces the fundamentals of interpreting data, performing data analysis, understanding the data, visualizing the data and communicating with the data into actionable insights. Topics of study include qualitative and quantitative data analysis, fundamental tools and techniques for data manipulation using software tools, visualization, and decision making methodologies.

IS 6662 - Big Data Analytics and Business Decision Support (3)

This course introduces the concepts and practices of Big Data analytics and its application to executive business decisions that enhance business competitiveness. Students will learn how to utilize Big Data methodologies and analytic software to interpret and visualize large data sets into meaningful and useful information for business use. The course also includes case studies in how major businesses have used big data to gain new perspectives and insights that enabled new competitive advantages and marketing advantages.

IS 6672 - Information Systems and Business Strategy (3)

Considers the role of operations and information systems in defining competitive business strategies. Structural decisions (product design, marketing, and finance) as well as issues that cross corporate boundaries (strategies for distribution, supply management and global operations) are addressed. Examines emerging issues such as global manufacturing, e-commerce, sourcing strategies, manufacturing automation and environmental issues. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

IS 6674 - Information Systems in the Global Economy (3)

Theoretical and practical applications for managing computerized information systems; planning and control functions of the firm; emphasis on case studies of design projects; the application of human and organizational issues of Management Information Systems (MIS); current academic research into the analysis, design, and implementation of computer information systems. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

IS 6675 - Information Security and Assurance in a Global Economy (3)

This course introduces the various technical and administrative aspects of information security and assurance within a global networked environment and provides the foundation for understanding the key issues related to them. Topics covered include inspection and protection of information assets, detection of and reaction to internal and external threats, determining the levels of protection needed, and the design of a consistent, reasonable information security architecture along with an implementable process. Other topics include technical and managerial aspects of a wide range of policies and issues relating to reporting and monitoring, upgrading and patching, intrusion detection, maintenance and mining of security logs, backup and recovery, and global issues related to transborder data flow and intellectual property rights. Prerequisites: Graduate standing, admission into the MBA program and all undergraduate business prerequisite courses or equivalent completed.

IS 6676 - E-Commerce for Global Business (3)

Introduces state-of-the-art concepts and applications which are emerging in the field of electronic commerce. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

IS 6677 - Leadership Series on Information Technology (Seminar Course) (3)

This course consists of seminars and a final semester student research paper. Seminars will be given by information technology (IT) leaders; each seminar will be followed by a session of questions and informal gathering. Seminar topics and speakers chosen based on the progression of other courses in the program and will have an international context. Each semester, students have the opportunity to complement their in-class learning experience with related practical experience from IT leaders. At the end of the semester, students must submit a quality written research paper to be presented in class or at a conference.

IS 6678 - International Information Technology Project Management (3)

This course discusses the processes, methods, techniques, tools, issues, and practices that organizations use to manage their international information systems projects. The course covers a systematic methodology for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects. This course assumes that project management in a global organization is a complex team based activity, where various types of technologies including project management software as well as software to support group collaboration are an inherent part of the project management process. This course also acknowledges that project management involves both the use of resources from within the firm, as well as contracted from outside the organization. Prerequisites: Graduate standing, admission into the MBA program and all undergraduate business prerequisite courses or equivalents completed.

IS 6679 - Management Information Systems (3)

Conceptual and practical foundations of information systems to include support of management and decision-making functions, computer system project management, economic and legal considerations of management information systems, and system implementation/evaluation. Prerequisite: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

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