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Management Courses (MGT)

MGT 6615 - Ethical Leadership and Management in a Global Economy (3)

Equips students with the critical leadership skills and solid understanding of today’s ethical theory they need to become effective business leaders in today’s turbulent times. The class explores the latest thinking in leadership theory and contemporary practices at work within organizations throughout the world. Closely connects theory to recent world events, such as the Wall Street meltdown, ethical scandals, and political turmoil. Students examine emerging topics, leadership vision and courage, leading virtual teams and actual leadership decisions. A grade of “B” or better is required.

MGT 6625 6626 6627 - Specialized Study in Management (1-6)

Study of a problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of the problem must be approved by the student’s adviser, the instructor under whom the study is to be made, and the appropriate dean. The study should contribute to the student’s program. Preparation of a scholarly paper is required and may involve an oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses may not exceed six semester hours. No more than three semester hours credit of this course may be transferred in from another institution. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6645 - Quantitative Methods in Management (3)

An introduction to statistics as applied to business problems. The course is designed to develop students’ ability to apply inferential statistical methods to decision making in business. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6670 - Seminar in International Management (3)

A survey of theories and issues related to managing the internationalization of business firms and multinational management.

MGT 6673 - Operations Management (3)

An analysis of the conditions under which production and management of goods and services take place in business organizations with attention to the delineation of roles played by management and labor in carrying out both production and service delivery, and application of selected quantitative techniques to support those processes. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6674 - Ethics in Business (3)

Examination of ethical problems and conflicts encountered by managers attempting to fit their organizations to the larger social environment. Addresses ethics, codes of ethics, social responsibility of organizations in domestic and global environments. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6675 - Theory of Organizations (3)

The study of general business management from a structural standpoint: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6677 - Systems Management (3)

The study, design, implementation and operation of a system within the organization. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6681 - Organization Development and Change (3)

A study of management concepts and practices useful in improving organizational performance. Theories and concepts applicable to making organizations more hospitable to people and more productive in accomplishing their goals and objectives are identified and discussed. Special attention is paid to strategic interventions and change in both private and public sector organizations and in the global arena. Prerequisite: MGT 6615.

MGT 6682 - Leadership and Motivation (3)

The course examines the foundational concepts of leadership, reviews traditional theories of leadership, and investigates critical issues in leadership and motivation as they apply in the contemporary workplace. Applications develop critical thinking skills about the concepts. Prerequisites: All business foundation courses or equivalent.

MGT 6685 - Management Strategy (3)

Study of the integrative functions of senior management in long-range strategic planning and decision making to support implementation. This is a capstone course which utilizes all the skills and knowledge developed earlier in the program. It focuses on policy problems and planning beyond the boundaries of the firm. It emphasizes advanced case analysis and computer simulation. The course may not be transferred into the MSM program. Students are required to complete the graduate Educational Testing Service Major Field Test and a Capstone Examination in this course. A grade of “B” or better is required. Prerequisites: Must have completed 18 semester hours to include BUS 6610 (with a grade of “B” or higher), and MGT 6600, MGT6627, MGT 6671, and FIN 6631 (all with a grade of “C” or higher) and one other 3 SH course in either the concentration or an elective with a grade of “C” or higher