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Master of Science in Management Courses (MSM)

MSM 6610 - Theories of Organizational Behavior (3)

This course is the study of the theories and concepts of individual leaders and group behaviors within organizations. The course examines important behavioral processes, including learning, perception, attitudinal structuring, values, motivation, communication, conflict, quality, and social reinforcement. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of these processes to individual and group performance and their implications for leadership and decision-making. Prerequisite: Admission into the MSM degree program.

MSM 6630 - Management Information Systems for Leaders (3)

Conceptual and practical foundations of information systems to include support of management and decision-making functions, computer system project management, economic and legal considerations of management information systems, and system implementation/evaluation. Prerequisite: Admission into the MSM degree program.

MSM 6633 - Leading and Developing High Performance Teams (3)

An in-depth study of the process of developing a new team or revitalizing an existing team. The course will involve the study and application of current theories of team development and performance in the work setting. Special emphasis will be placed on the leadership of work teams in both face-to-face and virtual settings for effective performance and member satisfaction.

MSM 6635 - Leadership of Innovation and Change (3)

The study of management concepts and practices useful in improving organizational performance. Theories and concepts applicable to making organizations more hospitable to people and more productive in accomplishing their goals and objectives are identified and discussed. Special attention is paid to strategic interventions and change in both private and public sector organizations and in the global arena. Prerequisite: Admission into the MSM degree program.

MSM 6640 - Foundations of Leadership and Motivation (3)

The course examines the foundational concepts of leadership, reviews traditional theories of leadership, and investigates critical issues in leadership and motivation as they apply in the contemporary workplace. Applications develop critical thinking skills about the concepts. Prerequisite: Admission into the MSM degree program.

MSM 6645 - Continuous Improvement (3)

Analysis of Total Quality Management (TQM) and the driving philosophy, including leadership, human resource management and human resource development, strategic planning, implementation, methods, benchmarking, results, and the principles of closing the loop. Case analyses used to illustrate TQM as a systemic approach to organizational effectiveness using the Baldrige Criteria. MSM core requirement; potential MBA unspecified elective; potential MSHRM elective. Prerequisite: MSM 6610.

MSM 6650 - Strategic Management (3)

Study of the integrative functions of senior management in long-range strategic planning and decision making to support implementation. This is a capstone course which utilizes all the skills and knowledge developed earlier in the program. It focuses on policy problems and planning beyond the boundaries of the firm. It emphasizes advanced case analysis and computer simulation. Prerequisite: completion of at least 15 semester hours in the MSM core. Students should be in their last term or semester of their program when completing this course. A grade of “B” or better is required.

MSM 6655 - Advanced Leadership (3)

The leadership concentration capstone course provides an in-depth examination of leadership theory and practical applications. Aspects of leadership are examined relative to change management, implementation, and communication, with an emphasis on ethical behavior, team and global leadership, team development, the learning organization, role modeling, and employee development. Analysis of cases and workplace situations focus on integrating theory and application.