Organizational Leadership Courses

Organizational Leadership Courses (LDR)

LDR 8801 - Introductory Seminar in Organizational Leadership (3)

This course provides doctoral students with an opportunity to examine globalization from the view-point of organizational leadership. Students develop a global perspective and develop their focus a focus from an organizational perspective as a leader who promotes a global perspective among colleagues. Specifically, this course examines organizational leadership from the changing context of globalization.

LDR 8802 - Seminar in Supervision, Mentoring, and Coaching (3)

This course examines advanced definitions and determinations of staffing needs, supervision, and management and coordination problems, which include methods in supervision, mentoring, and coaching. These methods focus on but are not limited to policies and practices relating to the functions of employee engagement concerning recruitment, selection, assignment, salary planning, scheduling, promotion, separation, grievances, reassignment, records, development programs, in-service training, evaluation, benefits and services.

LDR 8803 - Seminar in Leading Change and Transformation (3)

We recognize on some fundamental level that we shape and are shaped by self and organizations. The purpose in this course is to bring greater skilled application and meaning-making to the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world of organizational life as applied to organizational environments. Part one of the course involves setting the foundation and framing concepts of change along with an individual visit to a student selected organization and interview of someone in a leadership role. In Part two of the course, begins with a process of exploring what change means within ourselves at the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. The focus will then go on to the study of classic theories and progress to the critical analysis of emerging models. We will work to understand what brings (and does not bring) sustainable change to self, others, and organizations and how different leadership models can be applied to this learning. The second part of this class concludes with resistance and immunity to change and applying what we have learned to our own environment. Part three of the course begins with a follow-up visit to the same organization for a second interview of that same person in a leadership role. The second visit, interview and engagement are a metaphor in how we reframe and re-look learning, assumptions, blind spots, challenges, and resistance from the beginning of the course. The final class culminates with a student-led Socratic final exam. Mastery of theoretical constructs, best practice models, and in a nested systemic analysis applied to leaders and organizations will be required of all students to be successful in the course. Collectively, the readings, class experiences, and interviews become an integrative understanding of change and are presented in a final presentation of individual and organizational change recommendations. Our effort is to consider the process of and resistance to change, from the intra-personal to the Eco global levels, that is essential to prepare ourselves to lead in the world of now as well as in the rapidly approaching future that awaits us all.

LDR 8804 - Seminar in Human Resource Development (3)

This course examines the major conceptual frameworks for understanding human behavior within organizations, the competencies required for effective leadership and the major functions of human resource development as an integral part of overall management as applied to organizations.

LDR 8805 - Seminar in Planning and Management of Groups and Teams (3)

This course is designed both for current and aspiring global leaders. It is designed to examine the role of global leaders in emerging social, economic, and political contexts that are changing the nature of education, altering how educational organizations are viewed, and are transforming how they are led. A broad range of planning and management issues relating to groups and teams within organizations will be explored that are critical to the success of global leaders and issues that can affect relationships and impact global organizations. Particular attention will be paid to issues of management in diverse organizations and across countries and regions in the global environment.

LDR 8806 - Advanced Seminar in Organizational Leadership (3)

This course is an advanced seminar in organizational leadership that addresses individual and global issues. Students form an organization in the class and take on roles of key stakeholders based on personal interests and inter-group requirements. Each group or division of students will appropriately organize to achieve divisional and organizational goals decided upon in the first and/or second class session. Students develop a focus from an organizational perspective as a leader who promotes a global perspective among colleagues. Specifically, this course requires the student to synthesize and apply organizational leadership knowledge through work based in real-life settings.

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