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Post Secondary Education Courses (PSE)

PSE 6660 - Trends and Issues in Adult Education (3)

This course focuses on current trends in adult education. It includes a comprehensive investigation of current issues in adult education and an examination of how historical events and ideas have influenced those issues and trends. Special emphasis will be given to the analysis of trends and issues and formation of judgments based on supportable information.

PSE 6665 - Field Project in Post Secondary Education (3)

This course helps students make connections between theoretical knowledge and practical situations. The content of this course is variable, depending on the individual student’s interests, present situation, and future plans. The determination of the content for each student will be made through collaboration between the student, the student’s adviser, and the instructor of the course. Students may focus on supervised teaching, action research, or a project with a major field agency. Prerequisites: This course is open only to students enrolled in the Masters of Science in Post Secondary Education program who have completed 18 hours of coursework including the research class.

PSE 6670 - Psychological Foundations of the Adult Learner(3)

An in-depth study of research findings and psychological concepts related to the nature of adult learners and learning processes; principles of motivation, effective instructional design geared toward adult learners; and social and cultural influences on adult learning. Emphasis will be given to the understanding of critical and variable attributes of adult learners.

PSE 6680 - Curriculum Development for Adult Education (3)

A study of concepts, learning theories, materials, and media related to curriculum and program development in adult education.

PSE 6691 - Research Methodology (3)

The study and evaluation of research methods commonly used in the social sciences. The course will provide information necessary to understand and apply research processes, synthesize knowledge and writing, and plan and organize research problems for interpretation and application of research results. Application of these skills in the form of a written project using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) is required. A grade of “B” or better is required.

PSE 6695 - Thesis (3-6)

The thesis must be related to both the students’ concentration area and post secondary education. Information regarding thesis guidelines and requirements may be obtained from the Graduate School office. Grading system is Pass/Fail.

PSE 6699 - Capstone in Post Secondary Education (3)

This course is a culminating experience that helps students integrate and apply the knowledge they have gained through their previous coursework. Emphasis is placed on challenging students to view the post secondary educational process from many perspectives. Students complete field experiences appropriate to their concentration areas and analyze case studies drawn from real-life situations. Students also create a personal philosophy of post secondary instruction. Prerequisites: This course is open only to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Post Secondary Education program. Students may take this class only during their last two semesters of coursework.

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