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Quantitative Methods Courses (QM)

QM 6640 - Data Analysis for Global Managers (3)

This applied course provides the skills managers need to analyze data quantitatively and to make decisions using spreadsheet modeling tools. As a basic understanding of statistical concepts is assumed, the focus will be on the application of these concepts. Topics covered include probability distributions, statistical inference, regression analysis, time series analysis and forecasting, quality management, and an introduction to simulation. Prerequisites: Graduate standing, admission into the MBA program and all undergraduate business prerequisite courses or equivalent completed.

QM 6641 - Management Science (3)

An analysis of the probabilistic and deterministic quantitative techniques available to business managers involved in the decision- making process of the marketplace. Included is an evaluation of the models and processes now available for problem-solving purposes. Prerequisite: QM 6640

QM 6655 - Introduction to Project Management (3)

This course provides an introduction to effective project management theory, tools, and techniques used throughout the entire project sequence, from pre-project definition through post-project evaluation. Prerequisites: Admission into the MSM degree program. Undergraduate statistics course within 8 years preferred, or demonstrated proficiency in statistics.

QM 6660 - Seminar in Project Management (3)

This course provides an extension of QM 6655. Varied project approaches in different types of organizations are examined. The extensive use of project management software will enhance the student’s knowledge of project management and his or her value to the organization. Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Admission into the MSM degree program,

QM 6665 - Advanced Project Management (3)

An application of project management theories and practice in the workplace. Prerequisite: QM 6655