ROTC Course Requirements

ROTC Course Requirements

The Army ROTC curriculum consists of two levels: Basic Course (freshman & sophomores), and Advanced Course (juniors & seniors). The basic courses are offered to all students as Troy University general studies free elective credit with no military obligation. The basic course or equivalent is required to continue into the Advanced Course. Soldiers who have successfully completed U.S. Army Basic Training may receive placement credit for their military experience and this will also depend on the major they are pursuing (ensure cadets are academically aligned with their ROTC).

Military Science Leadership (MSL 1101/1102 classes & MSL 1104/1105 labs)

MSL 1101 and 1102 provides an introduction to the structure, organization and missions of the U.S. Army. This course provides cadets with the fundamental leadership concepts and doctrine of the U.S. Army, basic life skills pertaining to fitness and communication, Army values and expected ethical behavior. Cadets participate in a combination classroom and field work that focuses on effective problem-solving, active listening and feedback skills.

Military Science Leadership (MSL 2201/2202 classes & MSL 2204/2205 labs)

MSL 2201 and 2202 prepare cadets for entry into the Advanced ROTC program. Emphasis is small unit infantry tactics, operations orders, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Class includes topics such as leadership, drill and ceremony, map reading, orienteering, rifle marksmanship, first aid, operations orders, application of communication, feedback and conflict resolution. Emphasis on personal development, goal setting, decision-making, leadership and teamwork.

Military Science Leadership (MSL 3301/3302 classes & MS 3304/3305 labs)

MSL 3301 and 3302 develop leadership and organizational skills, time management and technical competence in military-related subjects. The course focuses on the role of officers, analysis of military operations and execution of squad battle drills, apply principles and techniques of effective written and oral communication. Cadets concentrate on the practical application of the leadership fundamentals and techniques learned in the ROTC Basic Course to prepare for success at the Cadet Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The course consists of both classroom instruction and practical field application where cadets are placed in leadership roles.

Military Science Leadership (MSL 4401/4402 classes & MSL 4404/4405 labs)

MSL 4401 and 4402 present an overview of the military code of conduct, values, military ethics, military law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Cadets will discuss staff organization and functions, principle subordinate motivation, and organizational change with analysis in counseling responsibilities and methods. Practical leadership experience is gained as cadets participate in the planning and evaluation of training exercises that are focused around practical scenarios second lieutenants in today’s Army will encounter.

Senior Seminar in Military Science (MSL 4497)

Only required for cadets who will complete their ROTC curriculum before their academic courses required by their major. This is a capstone course for Senior Army ROTC contracted cadets designed to help senior cadets integrate the knowledge gained from their other required MSL courses and to assist them in developing analytical thinking skills through practical use of these skills in simulated leadership roles.

U.S. Military History Course

Complete upper level history course approved by the Professor of Military Science (PMS).

Cadets must receive their bachelor or master’s degree and successfully complete the Army ROTC curriculum in order to receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT).

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