Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Home Page! At this site is information about undergraduate research opportunities with TROY Biology faculty, as well as information about past and current undergraduate projects. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Landers, the coordinator of undergraduate research for the department.

Getting started in research

If you are interested in finding a research project, look at the individual faculty web pages to see their research interests by clicking here.

Contact that faculty member and discuss the possibility of working on a research project. Your project,  level of involvement and  commitment are agreed upon between you and the faculty member. The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences has written a HANDBOOK FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH. Please read over this handbook for more information about research projects.

Troy University Credit Research projects can be taken for credit or just for the experience. If you are interested in research credit, you will need to sign up for BIO 4491/4492. Students interested in research credit should have junior or senior standing at Troy University.    

Advantages of credits/signing up for credit

Your research will appear on your transcripts. You will have a more in-depth involvement in the project.

Disadvantages of signing up for credit

You will have to hand in a report and satisfy syllabus requirements. You will have to pay tuition for the credit.