Chemistry Internships

Student Internships/REU at Other Locations



Alisabeth Bradford spends her summer at Auburn University.

"This summer I worked in Dr. Goldsmith's chemistry lab at Auburn University. My mentor was David Roberson and we worked on the synthesis of a compound called NiH4qtp2. We analyzed it's characteristics through instruments such as NMR and mass spectroscopy. During the summer, Dr. Goldsmith's lab was heavily involved in interdisciplinary research. For example, I was able to go over to the university's veterinary school to perform assays on some of the compounds like the one I synthesized".

Jaonne Seow spends her summer at Auburn University

"I spent this summer with Dr Easley and his students in Auburn University during this past summer. I was mainly working in the 3D printers lab and had spent considerable amount of time trying to optimize 3D printers and printing mold for microfluidics chips. The main objective is to create a mold with clear resin and cure it so the PDMS solution are able to be molded for microfluidics chips. I have tried to create some chips, however, there were no complete success in them.The experiment is still on-going".