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Are you good in Math and Science?

Are you interested in computers, high technology, and the environment?

If you answered yes to these questions, then a career in Surveying is for you.

Graduates of Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program have a direct and substantial impact on the shaping and preservation of the environment. Surveyors work with the most modern and precise satellite navigation systems and measurement devices yet developed to locate ownership boundaries and other features.    Surveyors regularly work with legal issues ranging from boundary location to land development and environmental regulation.    Surveyors play key roles in the design and construction of the nation's buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, water-supply systems, and utilities. Some surveyors may design and build computer systems for purposes such as land management, resource management, utility organization, traffic control, and urban planning. Other surveyors help less developed countries to change their land ownership systems to promote economic growth and democracy. Many surveyors also work toward environmental protection and efficient utilization of the earth's resources.

Surveying is a growing field   

Surveying is discerned from many other disciplines by the breadth and availability of potential jobs, and the diverse locations of job opportunities. Surveyors work everywhere from remote wilderness areas to large cities, and from exposed outdoor settings to climate-controlled offices, in careers ranging from land surveying and aerial mapping to satellite positioning, remote sensing, and software development. Surveyors have many opportunities to work in all areas of the globe for employers such as large international computer companies, international consulting firms, hometown companies, and federal, state, local, and occasionally foreign, governments. Also, many surveyors are self-employed in surveying, mapping, and consulting. Simply put, surveyors have a unique opportunity to influence land use, the environment, and society through a broad range of surveying careers.



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