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Graduates By Year: 

2022-2023,2021-2022, 2020-21, 2019-20,  2018-19, 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-162014-15


Ashik Kannan,
Currently in graduate school at the University of Georgia

Melissa Kuya Strobel


Sean Ledbetter


Pawan Khanal


Admitted with funding to UC Berkeley (accepted), University of Chicago

Rachid Bowles II

Caroline Howell, Admitted with funding to Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt University, University of Colorado Boulder (accepted)

Nick Johnson, Admitted with funding to UNC Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech, University of Florida (accepted)

Soumitra Ganguly, Admitted with funding to  Leigh High University, Florida State University, University of Florida (accepted), Drexel University, LSU

Natalie Larremore, Admitted with funding to UAB (accepted)


Suraj Thapa Magar, Admitted with funding to Auburn University and University of Rochester (accepted), University of Virginia, Lehigh University, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Antonio Selma Cintado, Admitted to Aalborg University in Denmark for a master's degree in mechanical engineering (accepted)


Colin Jones


 Sunil Adhikari accepted to Auburn University for Aerospace Engineering 

Aayush Nepal accepted to the Erasmus Mundus Masters program in nuclear physics program (Spain)


Aashish Kafle accepted to Rice University, Pennsylvania State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Virginia, Lehigh University, College of William and Mary 

Sanjib Thappa accepted to The Miami University at Ohio (Computational Astrophysics)

Ty Naquin accepted to Auburn University, Emory University, UAB, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Kansas State, Columbia (Applied Physics), LSU (medical physics), UCF (Optics), Vanderbilt( Quantitative and Chemical Biology) , University of Chicago (Molecular Engineering), University of Michigan (Electrical Engineering) and Duke University (Biomedical Engineering). 


Ethan Stonecipher: Graduate student at UAB for masters in Materials Engineering


Rakshak Adhikari accepted to Montana State University and University of Kansas. Rakshak has decided to join the Cosmology group at  University of Kansas.

rakshak grad

Regan Babu Bhatta accepted to University of Rochester, University of Florida, and University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Deependra accepted to Auburn University (AMO group)

Sangharsha Bhatta accepted to UAB (Ph. D. in applied mathematics)


Nilotpal Mukherjee:  UAB, University Of Alabama (accepted)

Nilotpal Mukherjee                                                


 Victoria Colvin

Tori Graduation

Tori is a graduate student at Oregon State University, in the department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology. For more information see

Pawan Khatiwada:  Miami University at Ohio (accepted)

pawan k grad

Yogesh Niraula:  University of Arkansas (accepted)

Ernest Sebastian Lee:  After completing his Master's degree in Physics from UAH, he is now a math instructor at Fort Walton Beach High School.

Donovan Ebersole:  FSU (accepted)

Andrew Crockett



Alexander Brassington:  University of Tennessee at Knoxville (accepted)

Tanner Jackson 



Chandler Bernard                                                         

Chandler Bernard .                         

Admitted with funding to University of Arkansas, Dept. of Microelectronics and Photonics (accepted), GA Tech, UCF, UAB


Jake Singleton

 Jake Singleton

    Currently employed by Southeast Water Systems, LLC                                                            
Robert Hock




Antonio Leon

Antonio Leon 

Currently employed by Amazon.



Mitch McSweeney (our first physics major at Troy University!)

Mitch Sweeney

Currently employed as a field engineer for GE. 


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