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darkmatterimageNumerical simulation of Structure formation with cold dark matter (left) and two-component flavor-mixed dark matter (right). Simulations were carried out using the Arepo code at the Advanced Computing Facilities, University of Kansas.

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The Center for Relativity and Cosmology at Troy University seeks to answer fundamental questions about the universe ranging from the nature of the relativistic jets emanating from supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies to the nature of Dark Matter. The group has several ongoing projects in astrophysics, cosmology, relativity, and differential geometry, and has active collaborations with general relativists, cosmologists, and mathematical physicists.


Current Projects (back to top)

Force-Free Electrodynamics
General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
Large Scale Structure Formation in Flavour-mixed Inelastic Dark Matter
Algebraic Classification of Exact Solutions to the Einstein Field Equations


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Rakshak Adhikari 

Rakshak Adhikari
Research Interest: General Relativity, Cosmology

Bruno Center

Bruno Arderucio Costa
Currently a postdoc at UNAM, joining Troy in Fall 2024
Research Interest: General Relativity, Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime, Blackhole Thermodynamics

Dr. Govind Menon

Govind Menon
Director, Center for Relativity and Cosmology
Research Interest: General Relativity, Force-Free Electrodynamics, Mathematical Relativity


Recent Publications (back to top)

Seminars (back to top)

Listed below are the Relativity and Cosmology Group seminars for the current academic year. Past talks and physics events can be found by clicking here.

  1. Geometric-optical Approximation in Black Hole Quasinormal Modes and its Connection with Light Echoes
    Wei-Liang Quan, University of São Paulo, August 30
  2. The Cosmic Web: Novel Methods of Caustic Identification and Analysis
    Michael Sitarz, University of Kansas, October 26
  3. Navigating the Algebraic Classification of Spacetimes with the Weyl Tensor
    David McNutt, The Arctic University of Norway, November 2
  4. Accretion of Vlasov Gas into a Kerr Black Hole
    Adam Cieślik, Jagiellonian University, November 16
  5. Physics of Pulsar Magnetospheres
    Alexander Philippov, University of Maryland, Dec 5
  6. Distinguishing Jordan and Einstein Frames in Gravity through Entanglement
    Sumanta Chakraborty, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Feb 1
  7. Cosmological Magnetic Fields
    Tanmay Vachaspati, Arizona State University, Feb 6
  8. The Phase Diagram of Einstein-Weyl Gravity
    Samuele Silveravalle, Trento University, Feb 15
  9. Metric-independence of Vacuum and Force-Free Electromagnetic Fields
    Abraham Harte, Dublin City University, Feb 20
  10. Static Spherically Symmetric Solutions in New General Relativity
    Alexey Golovnev, Centre for Theoretical Physics, The British University in Egypt, Feb 22
  11. Gravitational Repulsive Effects in 3D Regular Black Holes
    Orlando Luongo, University of Camerino, March 7
  12. Geodesic incompleteness of some popular regular black holes
    Tian Zhou, University of Groningen, March 14 
  13. Conformally Covariant Characterization of the Kerr Conformal Structure
    Alfonso García-Parrado, Universidad de Cordoba, March 19
  14. Splitting Spacetime: A Systematic Analysis of Foliation Dependence in Cosmic Averaging
    Pierre Mourier, Universitat de les Illes Balears
    Asta Heinesen, Niels Bohr Institute, April 16
  15. Blandford-Znajek Jets in Modified Gravity
    Filippo Camilloni, TBA
  16. The Shape of the Space of Density Matrices
    John Ralston, University of Kansas, TBA
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