Getting Around Campus

Getting Around Campus


  • We will start the day in the Trojan Center at the TC Ballrooms on the second floor.   Registration will be in the lounge outside the ballrooms  on the second floor. 
  • ​We will spend the day in Patterson Hall, which is on the west side of campus, next to Wallace Hall where the Geospatial Informatics Department is located. 
  • ​The workshops will be  held in  different lecture halls  within Patterson Hall and demonstrations will be held outside Patterson Hall. 


  • There is plenty of parking beside the Trojan Center and below  Wallace Hall,  near Patterson Hall, where you will end the day. 
  • ​Please make sure to display the Parking Pass on the dashboard of all vehicles!

Download Parking Pass.

Getting to the Campus

There are multiple exits for the university from US-231.  The easiest route is to take George Wallace Drive to University Avenue.  Turn left at the Power T (you can't miss it!) and proceed to turn right at the first or second traffic circles.  Follow Veterans Memorial Parkway to the Trojan Center or  International Boulevard to Patterson Hall.