Dr. Jillian Camwell

Oboe Warm Up!

Dr. Jillian Camwell will take oboists through a warm-up routine that covers embouchure flexibility, tone development, tonguing, and technique. Learn how to become efficient in your daily practice sessions. For this class, you'll need a good reed and your oboe, as you'll be playing along with Dr. Camwell! 

Dr. Jillian Camwell

Oboe Warm Up! (Part 2)

Robert Clayson

Better Snare Drumming

This clinic will focus on improving what I believe separate average concert snare drummers from extraordinary concert snare drummers. Intended for both students and band directors, the information shared in this clinic aims to take the guesswork out of being a better snare drummer in the concert band setting and beyond. 

Dr. Heather Small

Overcoming Your Fear of Heights!

This session will address proper fingering of notes in the 3rd octave of the flute as well as methods for improving your tone quality and intonation in the high register. All levels are welcome to attend. 

Dr. Dave Camwell

Vibrato 101

This presentation of VIBRATO 101 is aimed to help young saxophonists develop their vibrato. This crucial element of sound is critical to developing sophistication and nuance in all wind musicians, and he will discuss, demonstrate, and provide documents to help your saxophonists.

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