Faculty and Staff | Troy University

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Kerry Palmer

Dr. Kerry Palmer


 Dean, College of Education

Dr. Fred Figliano

Dr. Fred Figliano


 Associate Dean, College of Education

Dr. Trellys Riley

Dr. Trellys Riley


 Assistant Dean, College of Education

Mandy Hobbs

Mandy Hobbs


 Administrative Secretary, College of Education

Tobiah Jones

Tobiah Jones


 Director of Administration, College of Education


Academic Support


Certification and Field Experience

Dr. Isabelle Warren

Dr. Isabelle Warren


 Associate Professor, Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Carman Purifoy

Carman Purifoy


 Graduate Program Admissions

Debi Rus

Debi Rus


 Teacher Certification and Audit Coordinator


Counseling, Rehabilitation and Interpreter Training

Teresa Sneed Bradley

Teresa Sneed Bradley


 Departmental Secretary, Counseling & Rehabilitation

Dr. Samantha  Booker

Dr. Samantha  Booker


 Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Dr. Robert Carlson

Dr. Robert Carlson


 Clinical Mental Health

Dr. Melissa  Deroche

Dr. Melissa  Deroche


 Clinical Mental Health

Dr. Necoal Driver

Dr. Necoal Driver


 Clinical Mental Health

Beverly Hanyzewski

Beverly Hanyzewski


 Interpreter Training Program

Dr. Rodney  Maiden

Dr. Rodney  Maiden


 Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Dr. Jennifer  Marshall

Dr. Jennifer  Marshall


 Clinical Mental Health

Shelly Reed

Shelly Reed


 Clinical Mental Health, Substance Abuse

Judy  Robertson

Judy  Robertson


 Interpreter Training Programs

Dr. Suzanne  Tew-Washburn

Dr. Suzanne  Tew-Washburn


 Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Dr. Sharon Thompson

Dr. Sharon Thompson


 Clinical Mental Health

Dr. Brent T.  Tucker

Dr. Brent T.  Tucker


 Clinical Mental Health

Dr. Sharon Weaver

Dr. Sharon Weaver


 Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Dr. Joel Willis

Dr. Joel Willis


 Rehabilitation and Disability Studies


Educational Outreach


Coleman Center

Jacqulyn E. Ketchum

Jacqulyn E. Ketchum


 Director, Coleman Center







Dr. Robin Bynum

Dr. Robin Bynum


 Executive Director of Educational Outreach


Institute for Leadership Development

Dr. Duane Gunn

Dr. Duane Gunn


 Leadership Minor, Director of Operations

Dr. Kelly Hawkins Godwin

Dr. Kelly Hawkins Godwin


 Leadership Minor


Leadership Development and Professional Studies

Dr. Lee  Ammons

Dr. Lee  Ammons


 Assistant Chair, Occupational Education

Abigail Henley

Abigail Henley


 Departmental Secretary, Leadership Development

Dr. Delaine Bennett

Dr. Delaine Bennett


 Instructional Leadership Administration

Dr. Rodney Davis

Dr. Rodney Davis


 Instructional Leadership Administration

Dr. Rui Feng

Dr. Rui Feng


 Second Language Instruction

Dr. John  Basil Read III

Dr. John  Basil Read III


 Global Leadership

Dr. Jason Wingate

Dr. Jason Wingate


 Instructional Leadership Administration



Pamela Rusie

Pamela Rusie


 Departmental Secretary, Psychology

Dr. Erich Grommet

Dr. Erich Grommet


 Applied Behavior Analysis


Teacher Education

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson


 Department Chair, Collaborative Education

Sayge Snell

Sayge Snell


 Departmental Secretary, Teacher Education

Dr. Lisa Etheridge

Dr. Lisa Etheridge


 Teacher Education, Teacher Leader

Dr. Dana Evans

Dr. Dana Evans


 Early Childhood Education

Dr. Susan Jan Oliver

Dr. Susan Jan Oliver


 Special Initiatives

Dr. Gregory Ruediger

Dr. Gregory Ruediger


 Collaborative Education

Ronald  Weldon

Ronald  Weldon


 Lecturer/Education Technologist

Emeriti Faculty

  • Anderson, Betty B., 1972. Professor Emeritus of Education, Dothan. A.A., Palm Beach, 1963. B.S.E., Florida, 1964. M.Ed., Florida, 1967. Ph.D., Georgia, 1972.
  • Corradino, George R., 1988. Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, Troy. B.A.Ed., Florida State University, 1953. M.Ed., Auburn University, 1956. Ed.D., Auburn University, 1975.
  • Davidson, Barry S., 2002. Professor Emeritus, Troy. B.S., 1971, Pittsburgh State University, M.S., 1973, Pittsburgh State University, Ed.S., 1974, Vanderbilt University, Ed.D, 1977, University of Arkansas.
  • Dwyer, James E. Jr., 1973. Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Troy. B.S., Auburn University, 1961. M.A., George Peabody, 1971. Ph.D., George Peabody, 1975.
  • Easley, Ann H., 1975. Professor Emeritus Counseling and Psychology, Dothan. B.S., Toledo, 1949. A.M., Michigan, 1954. Ed.D., Auburn University, 1976.
  • Echols, Stanley L., 1977. Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Troy. B.A., Howard Payne, 1963. B.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1966. M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1972. Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 1974.
  • Fritchie, Patricia P., 1982. Professor Emeritus of Education, Dothan. B.A., SE Louisiana, 1974. M.Ed., New Orleans, 1978. Ph.D., Southern Mississippi, 1981.
  • Harney, James M., 1989. Assistant Professor Emeritus of Education, Troy. B.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth, 1959. M.S., Northern Illinois University, 1970. Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, 1974.
  • Johnson, Jerone P., 1974. Professor Emeritus, Department of Counseling and Psychology, Global Campus. B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, 1964. M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, 1968. Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi, 1973.
  • Jones, Sandra Lee, 1984. Professor Emeritus of Education, Dothan. B.A., Columbus College, 1972. M.Ed., Columbus College, 1977. Ed.D., Auburn University, 1991.
  • Kimbrough, James D., 1972. Professor Emeritus, Troy. B.S., Jacksonville State University, 1959. M.S., Jacksonville State University, 1964. Ed.D., University of Alabama, 1972.
  • Lorance, Anne G., 1993. Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, Dothan. B.A., Southern Methodist, 1963. M.S.E., Central Arkansas, 1970. Ed.D., University of Memphis, 1991.
  • Majors, Elizabeth S., 1978. Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, Dothan. B.S., Troy State University, 1954. M.S., Troy State University, 1966. Ed.D., University of Alabama, 1978.
  • Marsicano, Hazel E., 1983. Professor Emeritus of Education, Troy. B.S., SUNY Col. at Buffalo, 1966. M.S., SUNY Col. At Buffalo, 1970. Ed.D., SUNY at Buffalo, 1977.
  • Martin, Dale A., 1995. Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Human Development, Montgomery.
  • Mathew, Sarama T., 1988. Professor Emeritus of Psychology. B.S., 1958, Kerala; B.T., 1959, Jabalpur; M.A., 1968, Howard; Ph.D., 1981 University of Florida.
  • Roberts, Leonard H., 1982. Professor of Education, Dothan. B.S., New York University, 1955. M.Ed., Central Florida, 1975. Ed.S., Florida, 1977. Ph.D., Florida, 1981.
  • Smith, Anna M., 1976. Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Troy. B.A. Kansas State, 1972. M.S., Kansas State, 1974. Ph.D., Auburn University, 1981.
  • Stewart, Lester D., 1965. Professor of Education, Dothan. B.S., Troy State University, 1958. M.Ed., Auburn University, 1958. Ed.D., University of Alabama, 1969.
  • Swords, I.R., 1976. Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dothan. B.S., Jacksonville State University, 1950. M.A., University of Alabama, 1955. M.A., University of Alabama, 1962. Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1966.