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Flex Classes

For decades, Troy University has proudly offered classes in a variety of formats designed to meet the needs of students. Now, we are excited to debut a new approach to course design that combines the best features of these experiences—Flex Classes.

What are Flex Classes?

Flex classes are a hybrid of the online and in-class experience. Classes offered in the Flex format will hold regular in-class sessions (for now only at the Dothan, Montgomery and Phenix City campuses), and each class session will also be streamed live online at the same time. In addition, recordings of each class session, along with a new approach to course design, will be available for on-demand viewing later.

Students enrolled in Flex classes can freely switch between formats based on their needs at any time during the term. You can attend in person if you prefer the face-to-face experience, watch online from a location convenient to you, or catch up on classes you missed by watching them later. Coursework can be completed online.

Why should you consider Flex Classes?

One word—flexibility. Flex classes allow students to take classes in the format and schedule that makes sense for them. For example, you can:

  • Attend classes in person as your schedule permits. If you prefer in-person learning, or just want to meet your professor and classmates face-to-face, you can attend class on location.
  • Switch to online classes anytime you need to. If you can’t attend in person but still want to participate in classes as they happen, you can watch the live class session online from wherever you are and interact with your professor in real-time.
  • Catch up on recorded class sessions at any time. Life happens. Whether you are traveling or had a change in your work schedule, if you are unable to attend class or watch them live for any reason, you can easily catch up on recorded classes sessions at a time convenient to you.

How do I enroll in Flex Classes?

During registration, select one of the following classes if they are appropriate for your degree program:

  • ECO-2251-DTHB, Principles of Macroeconomics, Dothan Campus, Lane Eckis
  • ENG-2244-DTHA, British Literature Before 1785, Dothan Campus, James Ortego
  • ENG-4430-DTHA, Shakespeare I: The Tragedies, Dothan Campus, James Ortego
  • HIS-1111-DTHA, U.S. History to 1877, Dothan Campus, Robin O'Sullivan
  • MSM-6640-DTHA, Foundation of Leadership & Motivation, Dothan Campus, Richard Voss
  • SWK-7705-DTHA, Assessment and Psychopathology, Dothan Campus, Larry Eubanks
  • SWK-7722-DTHA, Social Work in Health Care Settings, Dothan Campus, Rachel Walker
  • QM-2241-DTHA, Business Statistics and Data Analytics, Dothan Campus, Dewey Todd
  • CS-2250-MTHA, Computer Science I, Montgomery Campus, Hyung Chang
  • MTH-1112,-MTHA, Pre-Calculus Algebra, Montgomery Campus, Robert Vilardi
  • PSY-3315-MTHA, Culture and Diversity Psychology, Montgomery Campus, Kanessa Doss
  • SWK-7705-MTHA, Assessment and Psychopathology, Montgomery Campus, Emily Cason
  • SWK-7740-MTHA, Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents, Montgomery Campus, Franklin Renahan
  • ECO-4451-PTHA, Economics of Globalization, Phenix City Campus, William Byrd
  • SWK-7740-PTHA, Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents, Phenix City Campus, Katherine Womack
  • ECO-6631-TSHA, Advanced Microeconomics, Troy Campus, Daniel Sutter
  • ECO-6634-TSHA, Mathematical Economics, Troy Campus, Phillip Mixon
  • FIN-6631-TSHA, Global Financial Management, Troy Campus, Shen Zhang
  • MKT-6661-TSHA, Global Strategic Marketing, Troy Campus, William Neese
  • MUI-6622-TSHA, Concert Production and Promotion, Troy Campus, Norman Clark
  • ECO-6668-TSHA, Advanced Austrian Economics, Troy Campus, Gurumani Manish
  • ECO-6664-TSHA, International Economic Development, Troy Campus, Malavika Nair
  • QM-6640-TSHA, Data Analysis for Global Managers, Troy Campus, Cali Davis
  • MUI-6645-TSHA, Legal Aspects of the Music Industry, Troy Campus, Barry Morgan
  • BUS-6600-TSHA, Survey of Business Concepts, Troy Campus, Judson Edwards

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Will there be additional Flex Classes in the future?

Yes! Moving forward, additional classes will be offered in the Flex format. Monitor your TROY email and this page for updates on Flex Classes.

Common Questions

Recorded sessions will be available for viewing through the end of the term.

Professors will respond to messages received on nights and weekends within 24-48 hours, during normal business hours.

You’ll need a computer, tablet or other device to access the online course platform and reliable high-speed internet in order to view HD streaming video.

Recorded classes can be watched or re-watched as many times as needed until the end of the term. However, trying to catch-up on more than a week’s worth of missed classes is not recommended. Although recorded classes can be watched on-demand, your class assignments (including tests and papers) will have due dates set by your professor. Although Flex Classes are designed to be flexible, you should still plan to be actively engaged in class and complete your coursework on time without falling behind.