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Honors Thesis

The University Honors Scholar is encouraged to complete an honors thesis or honors project in his/her major in accordance with departmental requirements, as shown below:

497-498-499 Honors Research and Writing (1 credit hour per semester per course-TBA)

The above course(s) are designed for outstanding students majoring in English. Taken collectively, they constitute the English upper-level honors program in which a student may specialize in a selected area of literary study. Upon successful completion of all course work and other requirements, the student will be recognized as a graduate with English honors.

Prerequisite: Junior or senior level, grade point average no less than 3.2 in English studies and completion of the English Honors application procedure. Consult the department chair for additional information. F, Sp on demand.

498 Honors-Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours - TBA)

Advanced research and study for outstanding students in their major field. Culminates in report to a departmental committee which includes invited faculty members in related fields. 

Prerequisite: Senior level and 3.5 overall grade point average. Permission of guiding professor and approval of department chair and the dean of arts and sciences. A written request must be submitted to the department chair at least six weeks in advance of the semester the research is to be undertaken.