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Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis Requirements

Students inducted into the Honors Program are required to complete an honors thesis or honors project that relates to his/her major.

There are no course requirements, but there are courses with required papers that can be used for the thesis. For exact courses, please contact Cheyenne Gross as cpgross@troy.edu.


Junior or senior level, in satisfactory standing with the Troy University Honors Program (3.25 GPA), and topic has been approved by the director of the Honors Program.

Honors Thesis Committee

Each student will choose two-three professors to be apart of their honors thesis committee. These professors should be faculty within the student’s major and can help further the thesis.


Students who have completed their thesis will present their thesis to a group of Troy University faculty, staff and peers. Students must present their findings before graduation in order to complete all requirements of the thesis.


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