Resumes and CVs

Are documents that summarize and highlight education, experiences, and activities relevant to career goals. A resumes documents skills and qualifications. A CV documents graduate research and teaching experience as well as publications and presentations.

There are two types of resumes: chronological, which lists experience in reverse chronological order, and functional, which groups skill sets together.

Cover Letters

Cover letters express your interest and qualifications for the position you are applying for.


A reference page is normally required by employers and should consist of 3-4 professional references.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes should be sent to any individual who provides guidance in your job search and especially after a formal interview. Acceptable formats include hand written or electronic.

Content should include:

  • Reiterate interest in the position
  • Communicate appreciation of the interviewer’s time
  • Highlight specific experience/skills that make you a viable candidate
  • Be genuine, thoughtful and well-written
  • Be sent 24 hours after the interview
Sample Thank You Note
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