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Health & Counseling Services

Health Services and Health Insurance

The video below teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured.

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The TROY Campus Health Center

  • The Health Center is located in Hamil Hall on the TROY campus.
  • General care services are available to all Troy University students.
  • A professional doctor, nurse practitioner, and trained nurses are prepared to take care of most of your general health needs.
  • TROY campus students should consult with the health center first before going to an off-campus doctor or to the hospital.
  • The international health insurance policy may not cover all expenses.
  • For information regarding available services provided by the Health Center, please click this link.

Troy University Counseling Center

  • Counseling Services provides free, confidential services to students, offering them a safe environment to express their concerns or discuss issues they feel are interfering with their adjustments to college or the environment around them.
  • For information regarding Personal Counseling Services, please click this link.

Other Health Services in the City of Troy

  • You should only use the Troy Hospital Emergency Room for real emergencies.
  • Non-emergencies or ambulance service is very expensive.
  • Although the city of Troy does not have a 24/7 medical clinic, SARHA Health Clinic provides extended evening hours. SARHA is located at 1412 Elba Highway Troy, AL 36079 SARHA Phone: (334)566-8822 or (334)566-8822.