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Traveling Exhibits

Historical Scenes of Alabama as displayed through the Traveling Exhibits

Postcards from the Traveling Exhibits

Thousands of postcards depicting  historical Alabama are held in the Troy University Library Archives as part of the expansive Wade Hall Postcard Collection.

By selecting either Streets, Buildings, or Tourism below, you can access   postcards that comprise the Traveling Exhibits  which are currently scheduled throughout Alabama.

Historical Streets of AL

Historical Streets

View historical postcards showcasing many  streets of Alabama.

Historical Buildings of AL

Historical Buildings

Browse historical postcards showcasing many governmental, educational, medical, and religious buildings of Alabama.

Tourism of AL

Tourism of Alabama

Explore historical postcards depicting scenes important to Tourism in the state of Alabama.


Group standing in front of Wade Hall Postcard Traveling Exhibit.


Featured above are: (top left) Building Traveling Exhibit at Troy Library in Dothan; (bottom left) Opening of Streets and Building Traveling Exhibits at Troy Library in Troy; and (right) Contributors to the project—Librarians Ruth Elder, Jana Slay, and Lisa Vardaman; along with exhibit designer Jerry R. Johnson.

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