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Freshman Run 2019

What is Freshman Forum?

 Freshman Forum is the freshman branch of the Student Government Association. We are here to help the freshman leaders get connected around the TROY campus, in the community, and begin making lifelong friendships. Freshman Forum is made up of approximately 50 freshman and 2 directors. The members of Freshman Forum had to go through an application and interview process. Once the new members are chosen, they will go on a retreat to learn parliamentary procedure, leadership skills, and team work. It also provides the chance for you to get to know you colleagues.

Just like any other organization, Freshman Forum is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other non-executive officers. The directors are there to help the executive officers and members get everything done on the agenda and act as mentors to the freshmen.


Teyshaun Williams, Freshman Forum Director, 2021-2022

Teyshaun Williams

Hometown: Hoover, AL

Major: Cybersecurity

Classification: Sophomore

Why I chose TROY: Troy was a hidden gem that I’m glad I discovered. I originally set myself upon going to a bigger university but after touring Troy, I knew I was home. Troy just had so much to offer that I was looking for elsewhere. The size was not too big and not too small. I loved being able to get involved so easily, have personal connections to my professors, and meeting so many great people. Here at Troy, they really give you so many outlets and opportunities to succeed. I plan to graduate debt free and the amount of scholarships and aid Troy gives to its students is truly monumental.   Choosing Troy was a decision I definitely don’t regret, but one I’m so thankful for.

Involvement and Honors at TROY: Upon coming to Troy, I knew I wanted to be involved here on campus. I applied to be a part of Freshman Forum and was lucky to be 1/50 delegates. I later became the committee chair for Trojan Pride. I’m a member of 101 Elite Men and I’m also involved with Campus Outreach. Education is a huge priority to me and I’m proud to have made Troy’s Provost List (Having a 3.65 GPA or higher) first semester. I was also inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta which is a national honor society for freshman students nationwide. My most recent and proudest achievement would be becoming Freshman Forum Director.

Words of Encouragement: Something I would strongly advise any student coming to Troy would be to get involved. Being a first-year student can be both exciting and scary. Meeting others and plugging yourself into organizations here is so beneficial to you and not just socially. Getting involved on campus allows you to gain skills that will help you for a lifetime. Another thing I would add would be to enjoy your time in college. Focus on what is important (Education) but also allow yourself to experience college by going to games, events on campus, or even trying something new. Time goes by so quickly so make it last while you can.

Will Landsberg, Freshman Forum Director, 2021-2022

Will Landsberg

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Major: Biomed

Classification: Sophomore

Why I chose TROY: My college search began and ended quite quickly, the reason being Troy was the first school I ever visited. As soon as I stepped foot on campus I felt at home and I left knowing Troy was the place for me. I cannot imagine myself at any other University and I can confidently say coming to Troy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have only been here one year, but I will forever be in debt to this amazing place for all of the opportunities, memories, and friendships it has given me. 

Involvement and Honors at TROY: This past year I was given the amazing opportunity to be a delegate of Freshman Forum, as well as serve as the Chaplain and one of the Excellence in Leadership Conference Directors. I am also a member of a Greek Organization and have been able to serve Troy's campus and beyond through incredible philanthropy events. I am also a part of Campus Outreach, a student ministry located right here on Troy's campus. Next year I cannot wait to serve as the Freshman Forum Director for the 2021-2022 class of delegates!

Words of Encouragement: Whether you choose to apply to be a Freshman Forum delegate or not, I highly urge all of you to get involved in some way during your time here at Troy. Your college experience is what you make it, and this amazing campus gives students ample opportunities to make it the best it can possibly be. Speaking specifically to Freshman Forum, this organization will give you the chance not only to set yourself up for future leadership here on campus, but also to create relationships with people that will last the entirety of your college years and beyond. I have loved every minute of my time as a delegate and will cherish the memories I have made for a lifetime. I am extremely excited to meet next year's class of delegates and get to work with you guys! Go Trojans!


Annual Events

Freshman Run

Freshman Run is one of our favorite and most well-known traditions. During the first home football game every year, new freshmen have the opportunity to run across the field and into the student section, symbolizing their becoming a part of the Trojan family. 

SGA Retreat

All Freshman Forum delegates attend the SGA Retreat at the beginning of the year to foster relationships with other delegates and learn the skills necessary to be an effective leader. Where will we go next? You'll have to join to find out!

Leadership Conference

The Troy Leadership Conference is Freshman Forum's marquee event, as our delegates host leaders from high schools across the Southeast. The participants attend interesting and innovative seminars on topics ranging anywhere from managing stress to building resumes. Students that attend are given a glimpse of what life is like as a Trojan and leave the conference equipped with top-notch leadership skills. 

Feast with Friends

Every Thanksgiving, Freshman Forum holds Feast with Friends in order to reach out and cultivate friendships with members of Troy's International community and give them a taste of traditional American Thanksgiving food. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the feast and everyone leaves with a full belly.

Freshman Formal

Troy's first ever Freshman Formal was held in 2018 and was an absolute hit! This event gives freshmen the opportunity to meet and dance the night away with the rest of their class. Freshman Forum looks forward to growing this event more and more each year!


Freshman Forum delegates have a blast planning and organizing Hoopcoming - the Spring homecoming for the Troy Basketball team. This event brings in a great crowd to cheer on the Trojans and all proceeds are donated to a charity of the Hoopcoming King's choosing. 

Athlete Appreciation

Freshman Forum prides itself on its support of Trojan Athletics and holds multiple events throughout the year to express our gratitude for all athletes on campus.  

“As Representatives of Troy University’s Freshman Class, We Commit to Excellence in Leadership through Service, Enthusiasm, and Trojan Pride!”