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What parents should know about Welcome Week

We are excited that your student is coming to Troy University. Leaving home and becoming part of the Troy University family will be an adjustment for your student and for you. It is important that your student develop a network of friends to support them at Troy University. While you will be their biggest cheerleader, they need a community of people on campus to encourage and support them. We ask that you encourage them to participate in the Welcome Week activities so they can begin developing that network of support.

You will see that many of the events for Welcome Week are sponsored by our student organizations. Our student organizations are where your student can build their network of friends. Look at the list of Welcome Week activities and encourage your student to participate in two  or three of the events. It can be intimidating to go to an event by themselves, but the first couple of weeks of school, everyone is in the same boat. Our groups will work hard to include your student in their organizations. Many of our organizations will also have parent's days and we encourage you to attend those when they happen throughout the year.

Many students will say they will wait until they get adjusted to college life before they will join in campus activities. Then as fall semester goes on they wonder why they are lonely and unhappy. Please do not let your student fall into that trap. While they must adjust to the academic life at Troy University, encourage them to develop their extracurricular activities.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.



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