Guide to the Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Love Collection

Record Group 092

Date Span 1905-1920, 1963

Historical Note:  Albert Love graduated from medical school in Memphis, TN, in ca. 1905 after which he enlisted in the U.S. Army Medical Corps.  His original station was in San Francisco in 1906.  He was joined there by his wife, Alice, for assignment to Jolo, Department of Mindanao, Philippine Islands, 1907-1908.  He remained in the medical corps and was assigned to Ft. Gibbon at the junction of the Tanana and Yukon rivers.  He served there 1914-1917.  Eventually, Dr. Love retired as a Brigadier General.  Dr. Love saved many postcards, letters, pictures, etc. of his postings in the Philippines in the immediate aftermath of the Philippine Insurrection and Alaska during World War I.  

  Contains 2 CD-Roms.  One is a digital copy of Love visual material assembled by a family member in a modern, archvially sound scrapbook, the other is a digital copy of the taped 1963 interview given by Dr. Love.  Also includes a typed 55-page transcript of that interview produced by Jack Clements in 1975.
File Folder 1:  Love Interview Transcript, 1975
File Folder 2:  Love Interview and Scrapbook CD-Roms 

  Although Dr. Love's family never lived in the Wiregrass, his grandson, John K. (Jack) Clements, retired here from the U. S. Army ca. 1975.  Clements owns the scrapbooks and transcribed a 1963 interview with Dr. Love in 1975 which describe these exotic postings in great detail. 

  Scrapbook scanned on an Minolta MS 7000 planetary scanner, without disassembling the scrapbook.  Captured in a 190 meg PDF.  Jack Clements had the audiotaped interview digitized onto the second CD-Rom in eleven WAV files totaling 153 megs.  The transcript is a photocopy typescript. 

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  Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Love Collection, RG 092, Wiregrass Archives, Troy University Dothan Campus, Dothan, AL. 

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Date Span 1905-1920, 1963