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TROY - Dothan Campus Records HERE



Adkison, Theresa Photograph Collection (1920s), RG037
Photographs concerning railroading in the Dothan, AL, area.

Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) Records (1983-2003), RG 103
ACHE is a state agency founded in 1969 to advance and preserve higher education in Alabama.  This collection of minutes, reports, and manuals pertains to ACHE's authorization of programs at Troy State University Dothan.

Alabama Department of Education Surveys (1928-1993), RG 129
The Department conducted surveys of schools and educational infrastructure by county every decade. The Wiregrass Archives purchased all available surveys for Barbour, Coffee, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike counties.

Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage (1960s-2000s), RG 115
Documentation provided to the Alabama Historical Commission for successful Houston County nominations to the Alabama Register. Register forms, photographs, histories of sites and buildings.

Allen, Archie C. Interview (2003), RG 024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Allen, WW2 Marine flight instructor and fighter pilot.

Alpha Rho Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Records (1948-1978), RG 169
Delta Kappa Gamma is the international organization for women educators.  Dothan's Alpha Rho chapter was founded by nine local women in 1950.  Contains annual programs, office files, a scrapbook, and official publications from the state and international organizations.

Amos, Queen E. Collection (1954-2016), RG 215
Funeral programs for family and friends, curated photographs, genealogical records, and two items concerning Riverside Heights High School in Geneva, AL, donated for the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in summer 2017.

Ashford (AL) Railroad Depot Records, 1899-1980, RG033
Administrative Files, Agreements, Photographs, Ledgers, and artifacts pertaining to the Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Line, and CSX Railroad that operated the depot in Ashford, Alabama, until 1980.  A local committee has renovated the depot.  It is used as a museum and community area.

Barkley, Leroy Scrapbook (1976-1978), RG 186
Barkley was an award-winning student baseball player at Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL, 1976-1978, whose jersey number was retired in 1980.  His scrapbook documents his and the team's seasons during his time at WCC.

Barr, Michael Interview (2003), RG 024, Veterans History Project
Barr is a twenty-eight-year veteran of the US Army and Air Force from Vietnam through Desert Storm.

Bass, Jerrie Watson Collection (1849-2000), RG018
Civil War Letters of Hardie Scarborough of Mt. Pleasant, Barbour Co., AL; Family photos, 1860s-1970s; Civil War uniform cuff; WW1 helmet.

Baum, Major Bradford Certificates (1966-2006), RG 148
Major Baum served in the US Army during the Vietnam War.  Collection contains certificates, diplomas, and awards documenting his entire military career.

Benton, Billy Photograph Collection (1949), RG038
One photograph of railroad section crew.

Blumberg Family Collection (1838-2003), RG 227
Leslie and Susan Blumberg are long-time residents of Dothan, AL, and members of the Blumberg Department Store family.  Collection consists of Sanborn maps, newspapers, and a map of the Jewish section of the Dothan City Cemetery.

Brown, Dorothy L. Photograph Collection (1941, 1954), RG023
Two images of the Weems Family of Columbia, AL, a family of African-American farmers and landowners.

Brown, Johnny Mack Family Oral History Collection (2005), RG 054
Interviews with various members of the Johnny Mack Brown family, including the Brown children. Brown was a Dothan High and University of Alabama athlete who had a successful career as an actor, particularly in matinee Westerns.

Burdeshaw, Pauline Papers (1917-1975), RG 232
Photographs, correspondence, and travel diaries (1931-1962) of Dothan socialite Polly Byrd Burdeshaw, with papers and photographs regarding her husband, Dr. H. B. Burdeshaw.

Butler, Harlon J. "Joe" Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Butler, a veteran of the Alabama Air National Guard, 1959-65

Byrd, Benjamin Ralph, Sr., Collection (1975-1978), RG 222
Dr. Byrd was a physician and surgeon in Dothan, AL, 1957-1989. This is a set of pewter figurines of US Presidents (Washington to Carter) with wooden storage case and biographical pamphlets, manufactured by the Lance Company.



Camp Bartow, UCV, Records (1903-1912), RG 197
Ledgers, rosters, financial documents, and information on the 1911 National UCV Meeting in Little Rock, AR.

Capps, Dr. William R. Papers (ca. 2002), RG 102
Syllabi, lecture notes, and other classroom materials for Dr. Capps's course School Finance and Taxation course (EDL 6605) at Troy State University Dothan.

Carlile, Martha Collection (1800s - 1986), RG 214
Digitized family photographs and documents (25) provided by this resident of Dothan, AL, to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in 2016.

Carr Family Papers (1899-1940), RG 049
Documents this Dale County farm family's interaction with New Deal agencies such as the AAA

Central Ukrainian State University Library Collection (ca. 1970s-2000s), RG 271
Troy University Dothan Campus Library became an American Library Association "Sister Library" with the Central Ukrainian State Univeristy Library in 2014. In 2017, the Dothan library scanned and now displays 108 images from 3 books concerning Ukrainian art forms.

Cherokee Garden Club [of Dothan, AL] Records (1959-2015), RG 194
Organized by gardening residents of Cherokee Street, Dothan, AL, in 1937 to promote gardening and civic beautification.  Contains correspondence, annual programs, membership rosters, meeting minutes, a club history from 1999, and sheet music from Addie Anderson Wilson, a local music writer with a national reputation (see also Addie Wilson Collection [1914], RG 047).

Chiriaco, Amerigo C. Papers, (1957-2004) RG 117
Chiriaco was a Trade Analyst with the US International Trade Commission. The collection documents his many trips in the US and abroad. He kept detailed lists of flora, fauna, and economic resources in travelogue format. Also contains lists of books in his library, report notes, and an extensive map collection.

Christ the King Lutheran Church, Enterprise, AL, Collection (1957-2003), RG076
Nineteen-page history of the church written by L. Herbst (includes PDF of this history)

Christian Student Fellowship Records (1999-2006), RG 086
The CFS was a student-run organization specific to Troy State University Dothan, founded in 1998.  Contains minutes, financial and membership records, event records, and photographs.

Church, William Collection (1958), RG 101
ca. 180 photographs of residences in Dothan, AL's, "Frogtown" area, taken by Quay Fortner for tax assessment purposes, March 1958.

COVID-19 Documentation Project (2020 -- ), RG 255
An ongoing initiative of the Wiregrass Archives to document the experiences of people in thirty counties of southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia, and northwest Florida as they grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders, "social distancing" measures, and re-openings in 2020 and beyond.

Creative Writing Club, Troy University Dothan Campus (ca. 1988-2003), RG 126
Student, faculty, and community club for aspiring authors; published The Copper Blade Review for many years. Contains organizational records, copies of the Review, and ISSN records.

Cutler, Helon Collection (1967-1991), RG 096
Ms. Cutler is a long-time resident of Dothan and an avid historian and genealogist.  Her collection consists of fifteen editions of the Polk City Directory for Dothan.

Dale County, Alabama, Church Survey (2007 – 2009), RG 078
Wiregrass Church Documentation Project Photographs of church buildings taken in 2007 plus demographic survey of cooperative churches taken in 2009 of rural churches in Dale County, AL. Also contains church bulletins, histories, etc.

Davis, John D., Papers (1783-2003), RG 007
Family and antebellum plantation records (Montgomery and Pike counties, AL) for the Darrick--Owens--Moody--Davis families; World War 2 correspondence and memorabilia, and records of the Southeast Alabama Dental Society (ca. 1937--1959).  Dr. Davis was a Dothan dentist for over 40 years.

Dickson, Martha Lee Papers (ca. 1900-2010), RG 105
Research notes, photos, etc., concerning Mrs. Dickson's self-published history of Gordon, Alabama, and her NewSouth Press book on wooden churches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Dixie Depot Records, ACL-SAL-CSX Depot in Dothan,AL, 1908-1984 RG 145 
Records of the Stationmasters, Trainmasters, Yardmasters, and Property Protection Division for the "Dixie" Depot.

The Dixie (Jan-Nov 1941), RG 199
Official newspaper of the 31st (Dixie) Infantry Division, published at Camp Blanding, FL, and on maneuvers in Louisiana and South Carolina.

Dobson, Rachel Collection (1915, 2017), RG 231
Assembly of God ordination certificate and Ms. Dobson's article, "A Cloud of Witnesses: Family and Community in Early Twentieth Century Wiregrass Pentecostal Evangelism," The Alabama Review 70, no. 1 (January 2017).

Dominicker / Dominecker Settlement Collection (ca. 1936-1942), RG048
WPA-produced typescripts narrating a short history of these mixed-race settlements in the Florida Panhandle.

Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Records (1935-1985), RG 173

Chamber-kept scrapbooks (1935-1985), advertisement pieces, photographs that document Chamber activities and commerce in Dothan.

Dothan Book Review Club Records (1936-2014), RG 158
Annual programs, monthly meeting minutes, and membership lists of this local women's club established in 1936.

Dothan Drug Company (1934-1941) - RG 151 
Daily financial transactions, check stubs, and receipts for purchases of this general pharmacy.

Dothan Garden Club Records (1941-1959), RG 171
Local club founded to promote gardening and civic beautification, protect plants and wildlife, and exchange seeds and knowledge.  Contains membership rosters, annual programs, and reference materials.

Dothan Harmony Club Records (ca. 1911-1981), RG 166
Women's club organized in 1909 to "study music in all its forms."  Contains annual programs and other operational records, scrapbooks and photographs, and musical reference materials.

Dothan Landmarks Foundation, Inc., Administrative Records (1978-2004), RG030
Business records of this local nonprofit Natural History and Agricultural Museum.

Dothan Landmarks Foundation, Inc., Oral History Project Collection, (1975-1994), RG030
Oral history interviews with local residents, then residing in nursing homes and assisted care facilities, about life in the early and mid-twentieth century in Houston County, AL.

Dothan Study Club Records (1917-2002), RG 200
Joining the Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs in 1912, the Dothan Study Club's twenty-four members met to discuss "literature, art, science, and all questions of vital moment."  Collection contains annual programs, meeting minutes, membership rosters, and financial documents.


Eccles, Vanessa Map (ca. 1960-1980), RG 135
Ms. Eccles graduated from Troy University Dothan Campus in 2012 and is an author and editor living in Georgetown, Georgia.  This is a highway map of Houston County, Alabama, with the member churches of the Columbia Baptist Association marked.  It appears to be the work of John H. Chafin, the Association's missions director, November 1960-December 1980.

Eclectas Club of Dothan, AL, Records (ca. 1960-2015), RG 170
Women's club chartered in 1956 by the Soroptimist Club of Montgomery. Became independent in 1964. Contains reference materials about Soroptimist; records of club operations like governing documents, meeting minutes, officer reports; a history written in 2013 as well as annual programs and scrapbooks.

Eddins, Mary Clements Photograph Collection (1930 - 2002), RG 212
Digitized family photographs (24) provided by this resident of Dothan, AL, to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in 2016.

Eddins, Raymond Riley Photograph Collection (1922 - 1985), RG 213
Digitized family photographs (24) provided by this resident of Dothan, AL, to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in 2016.

Espy Family Business Records (1920-1958), RG051
Records of the Espy Family, Espy Mercantile, and Espy Gin Companies of Midland City, AL.

Everett, Barbara Collection (1998 - 2010), RG 161
Preliminary description of unprocessed collection documenting Everett's work with fifteen commissions, foundations, and organizations in Southeast Alabama, and her life as the wife of Congressman Terry Everett (R-AL2, 1993-2009).

Everett, Rep. Terry Congressional Office Records (1993-2010), RG 329
Records from Mr. Everett’s Washington DC office documenting his tenure in Congress representing AL-2. Contains subject files about his committee assignments, interests, and legislation, correspondence with constituents, media, publication, and ephemera.

Farmer, Margaret Pace Collection (ca. 1974), RG 183
Ms. Farmer was a resident of Troy, Alabama, and the 1958-1959 president of the Alabama Historical Association.  This is a fifty-seven page transcript of an interview with a "Merchant Farmer," entitled "Turn of the Century Sharecropping in Pike County."

Farris, Francis A. Memoir (ca. 2002), RG024, Veterans History Project
Single-page recollection of Mr. Farris written by his son James.  Published in Heritage of Coffee County in 2002.

Fine Arts Club [of Dothan, AL] Records (1940-2015), RG 195
Women's club founded in 1940 to "promote intellectual and social culture." Contains correspondence, annual programs, membership rosters, meeting minutes, and financial documents.  Also contains programs for the Dothan Fine Arts Festival, 1946-1949.

Fischer, Mark Interview (2003) RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Fischer, veteran of  the US Army in Vietnam.

The Flagship Theater of Dothan Records (2010-2014), RG 187
Playbills from the 2009-10 through 2014-15 seasons of this children's theater.

Floyd, Mary Lucy and William J., Papers (1906-2004), RG 021
Scanned photographs, memoirs, audiotaped interviews, and ephemera principally concerning Mrs. Floyd's life in Dothan during World War 2, and the military service of her brother, William Campbell, and husband, William J. Floyd.

Fraser, D. S. S. Collection (1942), RG 106
Fraser was an RAF pilot in World War 2 who trained at the US Army Air Forces Advanced Flying School at Napier Field, Alabama.  Photos, certificates, and a Souvenir booklet

Gamma Beta Phi Collection (1982-1998), RG 111
Important and well-respected honor and service society on the Troy University Dothan Campus. Contains organizational records, meeting minutes, and twelve scrapbooks.

Gentry, Verda Collection (ca. 1850 - 2002), RG 008 
Ms. Verda Gentry's mother was a teacher at the Montana Street School in Dothan during the Jim Crow era and her father was a preacher. This collection is their personal and professional library.

Godwin, Irene (nee Pierce) and J. R. Collection, 1917-1919, RG 090
Postcards, photographs, and letters from AEF soldiers to Irene Pierce of Tallassee, AL.  Many from her relatives and neighbors, some from other young men.  Contains two embroidered postcards (very unusual).

Greer, Mike Papers (1917-2005) RG060
Photographs of Levi Greer in World War I, Mike Greer as a sailor in 1950s, and L.W. Greer operating his sawmill.  Also contains articles and letters to the editor written by mike Greer.

Hall, Willadean Martin Photograph Collection (1939 - 1979), RG 211
Digitized family photographs (16) provided by this resident of Abbeville, AL, to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in 2016.

Henry County, Alabama, Church Survey (2007 – 2009), RG 078
Wiregrass Church Documentation Project Photographs of church buildings taken in 2007 plus demographic survey of cooperative churches taken in 2009 of rural churches in Henry County, AL. Also contains church bulletins, histories, etc.

Henry County Records (1809-1919), RG 247
Estate files, guardianship records, contracts, court orders, from the Henry County, Alabama, probate court records office. Processed and arranged by volunteers of the Henry County Historical Group in 2000-2001 and microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Herndon, Rene Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Herndon, housewife in Henry County, AL, during World War 2.

Historic Chattahoochee Commission Records (1983-2008), RG 073 
A state agency of both Alabama and Georgia, the HCC promotes historic preservation and education, and heritage tourism in the eighteen counties of the lower Chattahoochee Trace.

History / Sociology Club at TSUD Records (1998), RG 053
Scrapbook of club activities in 1998.

Hodges, Nell B. Papers (1980s), RG046
Two short, privately-published memoirs, Another Time, Another Place and Cotton Pickin' Memories, about Mrs. Hodges's life in Grimes, Alabama.

Houston Academy (Dothan, AL) Oral History Collection (2007-2008), RG095
Eleventh-grade American History Class assigned projects to interview older relatives and friends.  Topics center on veterans' experiences but include personal responses to other historical events in the Wiregrass and beyond.

Houston County, Alabama, Church Survey (2007 – 2009), RG 078
Wiregrass Church Documentation Project Photographs of church buildings taken in 2007 plus demographic survey of cooperative churches taken in 2009 of rural churches in Houston County, AL. Also contains church bulletins, histories, etc.

Hubbard, John Collection  (1990-2003), RG022
Oral history interview, autobiography, and assorted papers concerning Wiregrass radio stations and Mr. Hubbard's life, particularly during World War 2.

Hunter, W. David Collection (1949), RG 141
David Hunter worked a an engineer for the Alabama Power Company out of Columbia, Alabama. He is an avocational historian and editor of the Columbia Historical Association's newsletter, "The Old Columbia Chronicle."


Jacks, J. R. Collection (1888-1982 [bulk 1950-1975]), RG 080
Railroad research materials and photographs, Wiregrass Society for Railroad History records, personal railroad records and artifacts from this long-time employee of Southern Railways in Dothan, AL.

Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Eta Chapter Records (1989-2009), RG 069
Sigma Eta, founded in 1990, is the Troy University Dothan Campus chapter of KDP, the national honor society in Education.  Includes governing document, meeting minutes, initiation ceremony, lists of members, special events records, and photographs

Kelley, Joy Photograph Collection (1851 - 1960), RG 210
Digitized family photographs and documents (12) provided by this resident of Midland City, AL, to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project in 2016.

Keyton Family Collection (1890-1955), RG 256
Correspondence, business papers, photographs, and artifacts from three generations of the Keyton family of Dothan, AL. Includes 44 digitized and transcribed letters from Dr. John Arthur Keyton, Jr. and his wife Joyce Williams Keyton to family while he was deployed with the American Occupation Force in Coblenz, Germany in 1919 and 1920.

Kirkland, Scotty E. Papers (1880s-2013), RG061
Research materials for various projects having to do with Wiregrass history. Kirkland is a historian and former student at Troy University Dothan Campus.

Knight v. Alabama Case Records (1990 - 2000), RG 036 
Case documents and consent decree reports concerning Troy University in this racial discrimination suit against the four-year college system in Alabama.

Koch, William Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Koch, veteran of US Marine Corps and Persian Gulf War.

Lafayette Street United Methodist Church Records (1916-2004), RG010
Published Church history, plus 20 cubic feet of unprocessed (as of May 8, 2015) records, photographs, and artifacts. Includes UMW materials.

LeBaron, Robert Collection (ca. 1970-2003), RG024 Veterans History Project
Nine hours of taped interviews plus ninety images documenting Mr. LeBaron's service in the US Navy on nuclear submarines during the Cold War.  Also addresses his employment at Farley Nuclear Plant in Houston County, AL.

Lee, Carole Papers (1977-2007), RG077
Text of speech given at 30th anniversary of Dothan Landmark Park re: history of the park, also newspaper clippings, brochures, pamphlets, and a Dixie Market Day poster, 1979.

Little, John G. Papers (1944-2005), RG024, Veterans History Project
Five-page memoir and photographs documenting Little's service as a bugler in an AA battery in the US Army in World War 2.

LOGOS, the Troy State University Dothan Newsletter, (1983-2002), RG 028, Office of University Relations Records
Faculty and staff newsletter for the Dothan campus.

Love, Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Collection (1905-1920, 1963) RG 092
Dr. Love served in the U. S. Army Medical Corps immediately after the Philippine Insurrection. He was stationed on Moro, and later on other islands in the Pacific. His family organized his postcards, letters, and photos into scrapbooks. The Wiregrass Archives has digital copies.

Mallalieu Seminary Records (1887-1927), RG 193
Methodist school in Kinsey, Alabama. Trustee meeting minutes, financial ledgers and legal documents, grade books, and correspondence.

Martin, Dr. Richard Papers (1986 - 2006), RG 087
Martin has taught Political Science at Troy University Dothan Campus since 1983. the collection documents his activities as a faculty member.

Martin Drugstore Collection, Enterprise, AL (ca. 1906-1983), RG 152
Approximately 20 cubic feet of records, publications, photographs, and similar memorabilia documenting the Martin Drugstore of Enterprise, AL, members of the Martin Family, the history and people of the city, and many organizations of which pharmacist L. B. Martin was a member. Partially processed as of May 2015.

Mathews, Michael Collection (RG 180), ca. 1850 – 1955
Photographs and records of the Peterman, Roland, and Mathews families of Henry and Houston Counties.  Many of the Petermans and Rolands lived in Dothan.  Many miscellaneous photographs as well.

Mayo, Harland F. Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Mayo, veteran of US Army in Korea, France, Germany, and Vietnam.

McCall, Ursula Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by McCall who was a young girl in Hitler's Germany.

McDaniel, Susie Photograph Collection (ca. 1910-1950), RG027
Photographs of Dupree School and McDaniels store in Ashford, AL.

McDaniel, Hayden Collection (2012), RG 113
McDaniel's 2012 Auburn University master's thesis, "Managing the New Deal: Administration of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942" that relied on Record Group 052, Holman Family Papers.  Contains "Soil conservation Service Camp Inspection Report, 1938" for the Shugualak, MS, CCC camp.

McGee, Val Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by McGee, a retired judge who served in the US Army during World War 2.

Meeker, Francis Interview (2003-04), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Meeker, veteran of the US Army tank corps in World War 2.

Miller, Helen Collection (1913), RG 220
First commencement program (1913) of the Dothan High School established in 1912.  Six pages including front and rear covers. Scans available online.

Moreland, Walter W. Papers (1954-2001), RG 198
Moreland was a long-time member and officer of the Dothan Rotary Club, serving as its president, 1956-1957, and its newsletter editor, 1958-1959 and 1986-1999.  Documents various talks given to the club, membership directories, and a long run of newsletters (1965-1999).

Mother's Club of Dothan Scrapbook (1999), RG 040
Photocopy of the scrapbook of the Club's 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1999.

Murphy, Robert and Nancy Papers (1938-1988), RG083
Personal papers, family histories, and correspondence of the Murphys, residents of Chickasha, OK, and Newton, AL.  He was a World War 2 SeeBee and she a defense worker and teacher at Ozark's Caroll High School.

Napier Field (AL), Town of, Collection (1939-1998), RG075
Four scrapbooks and 26 USAAF reports concerning the World War 2 airfield and current town of Napier Field, AL.

National Peanut Festival, Inc., Records (1939-1983), RG715
Business records of the nonprofit organization that puts on the annual National Peanut Festival in Dothan, AL.

Ness, Helen L. Music Collection (ca. 1877-1988), RG 104
Sheet music, music magazines, and instruction books from this long-time music teacher and choirmaster.

New Century Club [of Dothan, AL] Records (1908-1982), RG 168
Women's club that began as a social group then took on "municipal housekeeping" projects (such as creating a public library). Contains operating records such as annual programs, constitutions, and meeting minutes; memorabilia, and one miscellaneous file.


Parker, Diane Collection (1927-1949), RG 109
Photographs of John Parker of Houston County in the Dothan Power Plant, Family photos of a trip in 1947 and a soldier in 1949, and a 1942 souvenir book from Washington, DC.

Phi Alpha Theta Records (2004 - 2014), RG 164
Troy State University Dothan (now Troy University Dothan Campus) History Department began initiating students into the Phi Alpha Theta honor society for History in 2004. In the decade following, Dothan initiated 69 students. Contains initiation information and the Alexandrian journal.

Price, Jacob Videotapes (2003-2004), RG013
Boy Scout Troop 123 interviews with 50 World War 2 veterans from Southeast Alabama on VHS tapes and DVDs.

Price, Jessica Collection (1940s-2007), RG079
Interviews, transcripts, research, presentations from this Middle School student (in 2007) with Mr. Sherman Rose, former Tuskegee Airman living in Dothan.

Purcell, Douglas Clare Papers (1965 – 2004), RG 143
Purcell was the founding director of the Historic Chattahoochee Commission (See RG 073) and a leader in multiple historic, preservation, and tourism organizations.


Register Family Papers (1890—2001  [bulk:  1935-1989]), RG 009
Stories from the Wiregrass collected by Larry Register's aunt, Helen Cook Lamb, Political and policy papers from Mr. Register's tenure as an Alabama State Senator and Dothan Mayor, and railroad employee magazines from Mr. Register's father.

Rhyne, Margaret Pate Photograph Collection (ca. 1930-1965), RG 026
Four digitized photographs of the Dr. W. E. Pate, Sr., family of Ashford, AL.

Robb, Francis Photo Collection (ca. 1900), RG 133
One cabinet card portrait of a young boy, taken at the B. S. Mattocks Studio in Troy, AL.

Rolen, Guy Papers (1888-1925), RG 001
Land and Warranty Deeds, Homestead Grant, Modern Order of Praetorians Membership Certificate.

Roney, Herschel and Louise Papers  (1968-1981), RG 029
Programs and recipe books from the National Peanut Festival, 1968-1981.

Saunders, Robert Papers (1810-1990s), RG 011
Research materials concerning the Second Seminole War.  Includes microfilm taken of primary documents in the National Archives by Dr. Frank Owsley, Jr., and given to Dr. Saunders.

Scarborough, H. T. Papers (1915-2004), RG045
Scrapbook, photographs, written and oral memoirs by Mr. Scarborough concerning Lafayette St. Methodist Church, E. R. Porter Hardware, and Scarborough's life in Dothan, AL.

Schell, David Collection (1905-1936), RG 084
Magazines from the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Scottie Frasier Study Club Records (1977-2003), RG 025
Literary and enrichment club formed by the women of Dothan in 1930 as the "Young Women's Study Club."  Contains annual programs, correspondence, minutes, newspaper clippings and other historical materials.

Shirah, Annette Collection (1990), RG 041
Photocopy of Mrs. Shirah's self-published book, Midland City: The First Century, 1890-1990.

Singletary & Carmichael Business Records (1915-1951), RG 153
Financial records and ephemera from a general mercantile and dry goods store in Dothan.

Simons, Marjorie Photographs (1920-1952), RG 020
18 digital images of Mrs. Simons (nee Simmons), her family and friends in the Dothan, AL, area.

Smith, Patrick Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Smith, a veteran of the US Air Force, 1969- ca. 2001.

Snellgrove, Doug Photograph Collection (1907-1997), RG 099
Doug Snellgrove was a semi-professional photographer in Dothan, AL, who shot over 4700 photographs during his late-twentieth century career. His photos cover places, people, nature, and historical events in the Wiregrass of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, as well as vacation spots in Europe.

Solomon, Tom Railroad Photograph Collection (ca. 1890-1979), RG146. 256 digital images of negatives, positives, and prints concerning railroads in the southeastern United States, particularly the Wiregrass.

Sorosis Club [of Dothan, AL] Records (1951-1976), RG 181
Women's club founded nationally in 1868 to "further the educational and social activities of women."  The Dothan, AL, chapter was founded in 1951.  Contains seven annual programs that include membership roster, officers, and dates of monthly meetings.

Southeast Alabama Regional Arts Association [SARAA] (1991-1998), RG 261
Established in 1991, SARAA represented the interests of cultural organizations in Southeast Alabama. Contains founding and governing documents, meeting minutes, financial statements, projects, and building information.

Southerland, David Collection (ca. 1904 - 1960s), RG 162
ca. 190 digitized Verascope Richard slides of France, ca. 1900-1920, plus hard-copy newspapers of historical events.

Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (SACRAO) Records (1949-2000), RG 017
The Wiregrass Archives is the official repository for records from this organization.

Stepp, Wendell H. Papers (1983-2008), RG 110
Stepp was an historian of Dothan and the Wiregrass as well as a prominent advocate for disabled veterans. Collection contains materials about his research, scripts for television and radio broadcasts and speeches, and information about the Wiregrass Festival of Murals of which he was a founder. Also contains some biographical information.

Stewart, Ruth L. Papers (1917-1986), RG 234
Photographs, notebooks, and memorabilia from Ms. Stewart who was a 1937 graduate of New Brockton High School and a 1941 graduate of the Frasier-Ellis Hospital Nurse Training program in Dothan, Alabama.

Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) Records (1996-1999), RG 032
Scrapbook from the Troy Dothan student chapter of the Alabama Education Association

Symposium on Science / Technology and Human Values at TSUD, (1988), RG 063
Five papers delivered at this grant-sponsored symposium held in Dothan in 1988.

Temple Emanu-El Collection (1890 - present), RG 116
"Book of Memory," handwritten history of the Temple, 1890 - 1950.

The Dixie (Jan-Nov 1941), RG 199
Official newspaper of the 31st (Dixie) Infantry Division, published at Camp Blanding, FL, and on maneuvers in Louisiana and South Carolina.

Third District (Alabama Dental Association) Dental Society Records (1957-1997), RG 093
Organizational records, membership lists, governing documents, financial records of the Third District Dental Society, with information and publications form the Alabama Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

Towner, Nettie Louise Youmans Papers (1940s – 2016), RG 207
Nettie L. (nee Youmans) Towner hand-wrote in the 1960s a 36-page memoir of her pre-World War 2 life in the Wiregrass. After graduating high school in Donalsonville, GA, she trained as a nurse with Frasier-Ellis Hospital in Dothan, AL. She served in the US Army Nurse Corps, 1944-45. Her memoir ends in 1946 with her marriage. Also contains 3 photos and her funeral program.

Turner, Dr. Wilson H., Papers (ca. 1890 - 1978), RG155
Turner was a prominent physician in Dothan until his retirement in 1966.  Through shrewd investments, he amassed a fortune with which he established an endowment to provide medical school scholarships to Wiregrass students.


Veterans History Project Collection, RG024
Taped oral histories from veterans, spouses, and war-industry workers spanning World War 2 through the Persian Gulf War.  The Wiregrass Archives is an official partner in this project commissioned by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress.

Wicksburg High School Oral History Collection (2003-2004), RG 034
Oral history interviews with veterans or their spouses taken by 11th grade American History Students as part of class assignments.

Wiggins, Harold Photographs (1930-1960), RG 019
Airplane and aerial photographs, ca. 1930s-1960s, World War 1 memorabilia, political memorabilia 1964-84, and a few books.

Wiley, Ariosto Appling Collection (1858-2023, bulk 1898-1909), RG 224

Scrapbooks, photographs, writings, documents, and artifacts concerning the extended A. A. and Mary Ann Freeman Noble (Mittie) Wiley family. A.A. Wiley helped shepherd through the Alabama Senate the 1887 bill that created Troy Normal College (now Troy University).

Williamson, Erna Interview (2003), RG024, Veterans History Project
Index to taped interview by Williamson who was a young girl in Hitler's Germany.

Wilson, Addie Collection (1914), RG 047
Sheet Music for "Welcome To Dothan," Mrs. Wilson's first published song written for the First Annual SE Alabama Fair.

Wiregrass Consortium for Science and Technology Records (1991-2018), RG 260
Created in 1991 to promote science and technology education in the Wiregrass. Members included area colleges, schools, and organizations. The Consortium disbanded and turned its assets over to another 501(c)3, Dothan Landmarks Foundation, in 2018. Collections contains organizational and governing records, minutes, and many records related to disposition of property it held in Daleville, AL.

Wiregrass Festival of Murals (1992 - 2010), RG 130 
The Wiregrass Festival of Murals was a branch of Dothan's Downtown Group that organized and implemented the mural project in Dothan. In 2010, WFM became a committee of the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

Wiregrass under COVID-19 Documentation Project (2020 -- ), RG 255
An ongoing initiative of the Wiregrass Archives to document the experiences of people in thirty counties of southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia, and northwest Florida as they grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders, "social distancing" measures, and re-openings in 2020 and beyond.



Young Junior High School History (1935 - 1953), RG 156
Young Junior High School was built on the corner of Dothan's Dusy St. and Lafayette St. in 1921. From 1935 through 1953, students wrote this 200-page history of the school.



TROY - Dothan Campus Records at The Wiregrass Archives
[N. B.:  Alphabetical by Office]


Center for Applied Research, TSUD, Records (1989), RG 062
Conducted economic and business studies of the local community. Short lived. Contains Plan of Operations for the center.

Executive Council Records (1983-2001), RG 042
Group composed of deans and directors who advised the president of TSUD. Contains meeting minutes, photographs, one legal case file.

Executive Vice President, Office of, Records (1985-1993), RG 012
Correspondence with SACS and ACHE, accreditation files, strategic planning documents for TSUD, 1999 semester conversion documents, distance education information, and institutional effectiveness reports.

Faculty Council Records (1986 – 2003), RG 052
Governing documents, bylaws, correspondence, reports, minutes, and other documentation of the business of the TSUD Faculty Council.

Financial Affairs, Office of, Records (1983-1985), RG 064
Initial accession is one newspaper and photograph scrapbook of 39 leaves, 1983-1985 (includes 22 photos of Mr. Paul's retirement dinner, 1985)

Honors Convocation Committee Records, (1988 – present), RG 043
Programs for the annual Student Awards ceremony, called Honors Convocation, at Troy University Dothan Campus (and its predecessor, Troy State University Dothan).

President, Office of, Records (1974-2002), RG 006
Documents the creation and operation of Troy State University Dothan as a separately-accredited unit within the Troy State University System.

Professional Staff Forum Records (2002 – 2004), RG 066
Split from the Classified and Professional Staff Forum (advisory committee to the TSUD President) after 2002.  Contains meeting minutes.

SACS Self-Study Committee Records (1978-2000), RG 004
Contains reports, internal communications, and other documentation of TSUD's successful quest for separate SACS accreditation, received in 1985, reaffirmed in 2000, released in 2005.

Student Government Records (1996-2004), RG035
Organizational and governing documents from 1996, general organizational records 1996-98, 2003.

Student and Community Services, Office of, Records (1981-2000), RG 081
Documents outreach efforts. Contains meeting minutes, planning documents, awards and banners, publications.

Testing Center Records, College of Education (1931-1992), RG003
ca. 4.5 cubic feet.  Contains copies of standardized tests administered by educational institutions to students, K-16.  Also contains Spec Kits, administrators' manuals, and other testing supplies.

Title III Grant Program Office Records (1987-2006), RG 068
Operations records pursuant to a $1.3 million grant received under Title III of the Higher Education Act as amended in 1985. Funds supported an Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Student Support Services, Counseling Test Center, B.S. in Chemistry program, and other institutional resources.



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