Guide to the Young Junior High School History

Guide to the Young Junior High School History

Record Group 156

Date Span: ca 1935- ca 1953

Extent: Binder Cover + ca. 200-page history

Historical Sketch:  Young Junior High School was built in 1921 for $93,000 and was named for J. R. Young, a long-time school board member.  The school is located in Dothan on the corner of Lafayette and Dusy Streets and was one of the state's first fully accredited junior high schools.  Mrs. Minnie Heard served as the school’s first principal, 1922-1954.  Beginning in 1935, English classes composed and Typing classes typed this mss. history of the school.  Though the building still stands, it has not been in operation for some time.  (Sources:  Frank Gaines,, Accessed July 8, 2010; Dothan Landmarks Foundation, Houston County:  The First 100 Years, p.70.)

Scope / Content: The history of Young Jr. High School, begun by the “Junior Three English class of 1934-1935 . . . concerning the history of our school from 1921-1935 [sic].”  Other classes added to the history until 1953.

File 001: Printed history of Young Jr. High School 
File 002: Binder retained as artifact, imprinted with title of document, "Young Junior High School History"

Provenance: Document given to Ms. Betty Forbus (Director of Houston Love Memorial Library), unknown donor or date.  Ms. Forbus gave binder to Dothan Landmark Foundation, unknown date.  Dothan Landmark Foundation donated the documents to WA for inclusion with other DLF materials previously donated to WA. 

Preferred Citation: Young Junior High School History, RG 156, Wiregrass Archives, Troy University Dothan Campus, Dothan, AL. 

Access/User Limits?: Open per donor agreement 

Proc Date: 7/8/2010                       Processor: HMcD


  • Full Young Junior High School History (32.4 megs)
  • Building, Equipment, and Campus” (3 megs)
  • “Library” (817 kb)
  • “Home Room Organization” (1.2 megs)
  • Practical Arts Department” (697 kb)
  • “Art Department” (460 kb)
  • “Typewriting Department” (598 kb)
  • Manual Training Department” (794 kb)
  • “Physical Education Department” (1 meg)
  • “Junior Hi Lites” (439 kb)
  • “Clubs” (6 megs)
  • Special Programs” (3.4 megs)
  • Band and Glee Club” (1.3 megs)
  • “Plays” (3 megs)
  • “Marionette Club” (593 kb)
  • “Charities” (1.6 megs)
  • “War Activities” (1.2 megs)
  • “Faculties” (3.3 megs)
  • Principals” (2.5 megs)