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Art Major

Bachelor of Science in Art 

Do you have an eye for beauty and composition and a love for creating new things? Come invest in your artistic talents by pursing a bachelor’s degree in art from Troy University!

Embrace your inner artist

As an art major, you will have exciting opportunities to hone your skills and create alongside fellow artists as you pursue your degree. Within this program, you’ll learn foundational skills and develop a deeper understanding of your art form as well as technology and business practices that will help you achieve success within your career. 

Consider your options

TROY’s art major program is divided into three concentrations, each led by a seasoned group of creative faculty members who are dedicated to seeing you flourish within your craft and the art world. After choosing the concentration of interest, you will explore new methods and work within an environment that celebrates your creative process and also equips you with the practical skills you’ll need to market, effectively exhibit and sell your work. Check out the three art major concentrations below.  

Consider your options

Within the world of 2D studio, you will study printmaking, painting, life drawing and mixed media where you will dive into your personal artistic expression. In some of your classes, you’ll explore European and American art in courses tailored to help you appreciate and understand the history that has helped shape your craft, and you’ll also learn and practice new techniques for future creations.

If you’re drawn to all things three-dimensional, TROY’s 3D studio concentration will provide you with the tools and proficiencies you’ll need to pursue a lucrative career in art and design. Your courses will cover important aspects of three-dimensional media, including additive and subtractive techniques. You’ll even have the chance to put your hands to work in 3D ceramics.

Through the art major’s photo studio concentration, you’ll take your love of photography to the next level. While learning about the history of photography, you’ll roll up your sleeves as you adventure into the darkroom and work with traditional black and white photography. Make sure to get your DSLR camera ready for your courses dealing with contemporary digital photography where you will learn how to best utilize new techniques and your camera’s controls. You’ll also build your skills in videography, editing, research and portfolio building.


Create the future you want

As an art student, you’ll be given the opportunity to work with fellow artists from each concentration. The projects you and your peers create will teach you more about collaboration and provide you with rich, portfolio-quality content. You can also deepen your understanding and skills through internships and travel opportunities within the U.S. or abroad!



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