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Bachelor of Science in Art Studio with Concentrations in 2D | 3D | Photo

The BFA degree in 2D Studio Concentration is intended for those students who are interested in pursuing a career or educational advancement in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media. The BFA degree is widely considered to be the professional degree of choice for those students who desire to advance into the practice of fine arts or continuing graduate education. Due to the professional expectations of the BFA degree-seeking student, successful completion of a portfolio review process is required before full admission into the program is allowed. Two-dimensional work has historically ranged from a variety of painting, printmaking, drawing and collage processes. Two-dimensional media also includes the exploration of a variety of media, concepts and processes culminating into works of art.

Your vision

Studio art encompasses visual art such as photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and ceramics. Earning a studio arts degree from Troy University gives you access to an innovative curriculum, skilled and knowledgeable faculty and a focus of your choosing. Concentrations are offered in 2D, 3D, photography and/or digital studio.

Exceptional education

Within the bachelor of studio arts program at TROY, you will be introduced to desktop graphic applications, emerging technological advancements in art and design and principles of two, three- and four-dimensional space and drawing. You will also examine the development of art from pre-history to the Gothic period focusing on the various social and cultural factors that determine the uses and appearance of art at different times.

Hands-on experience

TROY’s studio arts curriculum also allows you to study while creating in hands-on environments. You will learn printmaking while producing black and white multiples in relief, intaglio, serigraphy and lithography. Your pottery and ceramics classes include hand building, wheel throwing and glazing/firing techniques. You’ll also have opportunities to take courses centered in the areas of painting, drawing the human form and exploring the fundamentals of digital color photographic processes, digital photography manipulation and editing and studio lighting.

Prepared for success

Building a successful portfolio is vitally important to the artist or graphic designer entering the workforce or graduate school. As a part of TROY’s studio arts degree, you will develop a compilation of work that expresses your innovation, mastery of skills and ability to research and complete projects. You will also develop a formal strategy on pursuing a career in studio art and learn the relevant skills needed to market yourself, plan, collaborate and exhibit your artwork

From your first day of class to the day of your graduation, TROY’s faculty will guide and encourage you in each of the classes to give you the skills, confidence and background to make your dreams of creating art for a living a reality.



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