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Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design, is intended for those students who are interested in pursuing a career or educational advancement in the area of graphic design. The BS degree in graphic design at TROY is widely considered to be one of the most innovative programs of study within the discipline due to the hybrid nature and ‘real-world’ approach to instruction. Graphic designers are trained to be responsible for visual communications in a world that cannot seem to get enough of it. Some of the areas where designers work are web design, package design, signage, video, motion graphics and print publishing. This field is an extremely huge one and fortunately—a very hot one. The successes of TROY graduates would attest to that fact. This program is intended to prepare the next breed of designers to compete in a world marketplace with confidence in aesthetics and in practice.

Why choose TROY? 

TROY’s graphic design program runs the gamut from print to multimedia design. As a graphic design graduate, you will step onto the business grid understanding the industry that awaits your talents.

In the classroom and studio, you will develop skills and abilities in areas such as:

  • Project/time management
  • Print design and layout
  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Web design
  • Typography

Some of the most brilliant, creative minds in the field of design can be found at the head of TROY’s graphic design classrooms. These seasoned professionals are 100 percent invested in their students and are eager to teach you techniques to develop your personal design style. Small class sizes make it easy to get to know your professors and peers academically, professionally and personally. In these small, concentrated classes, you’ll also have access to current and relevant technology currently being used in the world of design.

Put your talent on the (bit)map

Students take courses in research, portfolio design, exhibition techniques and the business of art/design. Before graduating, your coursework will require that you create your own logo design, letter head, business cards, portfolio and website. This will prepare you with the tools to enter the work force with a brimming portfolio and the savvy to conquer the business world.

You’ll also have the opportunity to conduct job and location searches, focus on cover letter and resume development, practice interviewing and attend Portfolio Day where you will market yourself in your first step into the real world of design.

When you receive your degree in graphic design, you’ll have a working knowledge of the creative industry thanks to working within The Center for Design, Technology and Industry (<<dti>>). Students meet with their instructors, as well as professionals from around the region, to work together to produce effective solutions for companies, businesses and non-profit organizations around the globe. By working on <<dti>> projects, your abilities and talents are noticed by the center’s partners that are in search of up-and-coming talent. Graphic design graduates have found themselves working for big-name agencies such as Chicago’s Leo Burnett as well as large creative firms located in metropolitan cities around the country.




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TROY graduate launches graphic design company

TROY Alumni Kenneth Jenkins on computer

Troy University graduate Kenneth Jenkins has recently launched his own graphic design company, Twenty4 Studios.

Jenkins initially started at TROY as a studio arts major, which focuses on both digital and fine arts.

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