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Comprehensive General Science

About the General Science Program

There is excitement in being a part of the science community—discovering solutions to issues and creating new innovations. As a Troy University Comprehensive General Science major, you will have a chance to discover something new and develop the tools you’ll need to become a problem solver for the world and in your own life.

Exceptional education

As you pursue your degree within TROY’s College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have access to caring and knowledgeable faculty members who help you foster critical thinking skills, promote intellectual inquiry and to become an engaged global citizen. The College of Arts and Sciences views creativity and understanding as among the greatest values in human experience and is dedicated to the questioning, creation and transmission of knowledge to help you now and in your future life and career.

Well-rounded curriculum

The courses in the comprehensive general science degree from Troy University provide a wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced science classes, while giving you an opportunity to find your areas of passion or interest. Your journey in these comprehensive science classes will immerse you in biology and chemistry, physics and calculus. You will also dive in to courses that will build your knowledge within the areas of microcomputer literacy, word processing and database and spreadsheet creation. In this program, you can explore the worlds of basic astronomy and geology, ecology, genetics and human anatomy.

Hone your skills

TROY’s comprehensive general science program offers opportunities to study your topics of interests and then apply your new-found knowledge through hands-on lab work and experiments. Not only will you learn the basics in each of your science classes, but you will also graduate with the understanding needed to research, write reports and collect and analyze data as well as the tools necessary for time management, organization, problem-solving and communication.

Beyond the classroom

In addition to enhancing your adaptability within an ever-changing technological world, a comprehensive general science degree from Troy University provides you with the knowledge and scientific exposure that can be used in both the private and public sectors. This degree can act as a gateway to careers in medicine, law, business, education and dentistry.


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