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Data Analytics Bachelor’s Degree

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TROY’s Data Analytics Program: Solve Complex Problems. Dissect Data. Grow Your Career.

You enjoy analyzing information. Investigating problems. Working with the latest technology. You want a career that challenges you and always offers something new. If that sounds like you, Troy University’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science program may be the right fit. Training you to acquire, analyze and visualize data, TROY’s program equips you to help businesses grow with data-driven decisions. Today’s organizations are drowning in data, but they need experts to help them make sense of it. At TROY, you’ll develop the skills to meet this need and apply your creative thinking to solve complex challenges.

John Lewis Hall
“My current success and career path is because of everyone in the data analytics program. I was inspired and encouraged to grow while there. I have confidence in my skill set and what I can do. The data analytics program and professors at TROY did that for me.”
Ora Nelson | Operations Research Analyst, U.S. Federal Government | 2022 Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

A Hands-On Data Analytics Program

In TROY’s program, you’ll get to work with real-world data in your assignments and course projects. With some projects lasting the entire term, you’ll have numerous opportunities to apply what you’ve learned and build a firm foundation in programming languages, data visualization and other skills. You will also participate in research projects using SAS, Python, R, SQL and Tableau and complete internships at businesses in various industries.

Learn From Attentive and Accessible Data Analytics Experts

Build meaningful relationships with leaders in the data analytics field. Faculty in the data analytics program at TROY bring decades of experience in the tech industry to the classroom. They’ll work closely with you to develop your data analytics skills, helping you examine and glean insights from big data and apply your knowledge to real-world contexts. TROY’s faculty are dedicated to your success in both the data analytics program and your future career.
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Data Analytics Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, coursework for your data analytics degree may include:
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Data Analytics Program Locations

TROY’s on-campus Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics provides you with hands-on opportunities and faculty guidance. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756

Preparation for Evolving Data Analytics Careers and Lifelong Learning

The technology sector and our capabilities in data collection, analysis and visualization grow every day. That means data analytics careers require you to be adaptable and committed to lifelong learning.

TROY’s data analytics bachelor’s degree faculty understand this. In addition to teaching you technical skills, they’ll also help you develop the critical thinking and analytical skills you need to thrive in this ever-evolving field. Our data analytics program also encompasses concepts from business, information sciences, marketing and other disciplines to equip you with expertise that applies to a wide range of settings and industries.

Students on Troy Campus Quad

Data Analytics Careers

A data science bachelor’s degree opens doors to numerous opportunities to extract insights from data through data analytics careers in a variety of industries, including logistics, manufacturing, marketing, health, sports, travel and retail.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Benjamin Larson

Dr. Benjamin Larson

Dr. Benjamin Larson is the Department Chair for the Decision Systems and Sciences of the Sorrell College of Business at Troy University.

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FAQ About the Data Analytics Bachelor’s Degree Program

Learn more about the field of data analytics and our bachelor’s program.
What can you do with a data analytics degree?
Whether you want to work in business, healthcare, government or other sectors, a data analytics bachelor’s degree qualifies you for numerous roles. Entry-level positions in data analytics include management analyst, business analyst, data analyst, quantitative analyst and financial analyst.

Your bachelor’s degree in data analytics from TROY will also prepare you for graduate study should you want to pursue leadership roles such as chief data officer, machine learning engineer, or big data architect.
Is a data analytics degree worth it?
With more and more data at our fingertips and advancements in technology every day, the demand for well-trained data analysts only continues to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for data scientists will increase much faster than average over the next 10 years.

Offering hands-on training in analytical tools and techniques, programming languages, data visualization and project management, a bachelor’s in data analytics from TROY creates countless opportunities to meet this demand.
Do you need a degree for data analytics?
Some entry-level data analytics positions do not require a degree in data analytics if you have proficiency or experience in programming languages and analytical techniques. However, most data analytics careers require at least some formal education in data analytics.
Why choose data analytics as a career?
In addition to the high demand for data scientists and the variety of available careers, data analytics is a lucrative rewarding field, particularly if you enjoy working with technology and analyzing information.

Data analytics careers are also promising in terms of advancement. Many entry-level data analysts advance into leadership roles, become consultants or continue on to graduate study.

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