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About Data Analytics

Are you curious and analytical? If you enjoy problem-solving and dissecting data, TROY’s STEM-designated data analytics degree program may be the degree for you! Globally competitive companies and organizations are making data-driven business decisions, which means they are looking for innovative and creative thinkers like you with the analytical skills to help them make better business decisions. A data analytics degree from TROY will equip you to identity factors affecting project success and potential pitfalls within a wide array of business areas including customer service, sales, marketing, energy, travel, sports, health care and many other vital fields.

Skills learned

The data analytics degree program at Troy University provides a robust plan to provide you with a wide range of knowledge and skills. The program, while challenging, will develop your critical thinking and analytical skills including data mining, machine learning, data visualization and analytical programming in SQL, Python, R, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You will also learn about cloudbased services to deal with big data, applications like SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS Pro, PowerBI and Tableau.

In addition to learning how to analyze data, you will learn how to effectively communicate recommendations to organizational decision-makers. In the TROY data analytics program, you will have many opportunities to improve written and oral communication, teamwork, collaboration and project management skills.

Hands-on experience

TROY’s data analytics program will culminate in an opportunity for you to apply skills and critical thinking in a real-world project to benefit our local community.

Job opportunities

The knowledge and skills provided by this program are in demand in our area, across the United States and internationally. Employment opportunities exist in many industries including logistics, manufacturing, marketing, health, sports, travel and retail.


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