Education Certification Programs Grades P-12 (Interdisciplinary)

About the Undergraduate P-12 Certification Programs

Interdisciplinary programs offer students the opportunity to obtain teaching certification for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade in the disciplines of Art, Music (Choral and Instrumental), and Theatre. 

P-12 Certification Programs 

P-12 Visual Arts allows students to experience a wide range of art from printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and painting. Majors are able to refine their personal skills while also learning how to teach those skills to a variety of students.


P-12 Instrumental Music is one of the largest programs in the College of Education. Students experience various performance opportunities through participation in the ‘Sound of the South’ Marching band and other ensembles. Student’s build their personal performance skills while also learning theory and instrumentation techniques for building instrumental ensembles.


P-12 Choral Music builds student’s voice technique and teaching pedagogy in multiple vocal ensemble settings. Music at Troy University is one of the most respected programs across the nation for preparing future choir teachers.


 P-12 Physical Education focusing on teaching students the pedagogy and understanding of the human body so that students can build better lifestyles and encourage those lifestyle choices in their future students. From sport and fitness knowledge to nutrition and wellness, our physical education program prepares teachers to help all students lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.



P-12 Theatre Education provides students with experiences in costuming, makeup, and stage design along with performing, acting and directing. Through this program student’s build the necessary skills to not only perform but also create and direct theatre productions. 


Making a Difference


The only theatre education program in the state of Alabama - our teaching artists are shaping the future.

If bright lights, stunning scenes, responsive audiences and dynamic acting are things you love, theatre holds a special place in your heart. If you dream of sharing the thrill of opening night with new generations of theatre lovers, a theatre education P-12 undergraduate degree from Troy University can help provide you will unique opportunities to be center stage in your own classroom teaching and fostering a love of the stage within students grades pre-k through 12th grade.


What Can You Do with a Degree in P-12 Education? 

Students with a degree in P-12 Education are able to teach in either an Elementary or Secondary Education setting. Students also have the opportunity to further their studies in the graduate program. 

Interested in Applying to a P-12 Education Program? 

P-12 Education students impact the lives of children through creative disciplines and help children experience joy during their education experiences. Join Troy University in building students who will create a better future for all students. 

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