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About the Adult Education (ADE) Programs

If you believe in lifelong learning and dream of helping adults achieve their academic goals at any age, TROY’s adult education program can help you continue to expand your career!

Hawkins Hall
“Troy University's Adult Education Program benefits anyone who intends to work with the adult population, whether in an educational setting, human resource environment, or even general training contexts. This program helped me understand different aspects of what makes adult learners unique and how to tailor my teaching strategy and leadership style to ensure adults can meet their potential. The program changed my perspectives towards adult learners in ways I did not expect, but it will significantly assist me in a career where I work with adult learners daily. I would highly recommend this program!”
Tori Spry | M.S. Adult Education, Instructional Technology

The educational edge you need

Troy University’s Master of Science in Adult Education can give you the educational edge you need for a variety of highly regarded, professional careers. TROY’s Master of Science in Adult Education (MSADE) program is designed for professionals who
  • Work closely with adults in instructional, advising or service roles.
  • Design training and development for education, corporate, non-profit or military organizations.
  • Manage educational technology and inventory at educational organizations.
  • Seek careers at technical colleges, two-year colleges, or four-year colleges and universities in office management, program development, student affairs or business/administrative services.

By the numbers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of education, training and library occupations is projected to grow 5 percent from 2018-2028 with 512,900 job openings for training and development specialists becoming available between 2018 and 2028.
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Adult Education Curriculum

While courses may vary, the curriculum for adult education degrees and certificates typically includes:
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Adult Education Programs

For more information about program availability and delivery options call 1-800-414-5756

Careers in Adult Education

With a graduate degree in Adult Education you can have a career as an administrator in higher education, corporate/industrial trainer and curriculum designer among other options

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Joseph H. Reynolds

Dr. Joseph H. Reynolds

Dr. Joe Reynolds is the Program Coordinator for Adult Education.

Adult Education Program Options

Broaden your career opportunities by choosing a specialization or certification that fits your career goals.
Master of Science Adult Education - Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology

This concentration equips graduates with the ability to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate curricula for the education and training of adults in diverse learning situations. Both theoretical and practical aspects of adult learning, the instructional design process, teaching strategies, and educational evaluation are explored to provide a comprehensive program useful in designing instruction at multiple levels including community, post-secondary, workplace, or government applications. Graduates will possess the ability to analyze a client's needs, design a contextually relevant program, develop materials unique and appropriate to a client's needs, assist in implementing curricula, and evaluate program effectiveness. 

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Master of Science Adult Education - Leadership in Workforce Development

Recent research shows that those who desire to bring competent leaders into their organizations are confronted with a lack of skillful candidates who can adapt to environmental change, interpret complex patterns, make sense of ill-structured problems, and appreciate the impact of cultural and social forces on organizations. This concentration is designed for professionals to develop leadership competencies and dispositions that can be applied in a variety of settings and situations. The MSADE degree with a concentration in Leadership in Workforce Development emphasizes the development of 21st century leadership. It focuses on developing leaders who are globally-minded, proficient in technology, and who can apply and generate knowledge from real-world situations. The Leadership in Workforce Development concentration is designed for professionals who desire to develop leadership competencies and dispositions that can be applied in a variety of settings and situations, including private, non-profit, public, military, and healthcare industries.

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Curriculum and Instructional Design Certificate

This certificate focuses on the unique aspects of adult learning and how these traits impact curriculum and instructional design for adult learners. Once you've earned you CID certificate, you'll also be able to identify methods of evaluating adult education programs. 

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Instructional Technology Certificate

This certificate focuses on the unique aspects of adult education in terms of development, learning theory and/or historical foundations using state-of-the-are technologies and innovative strategies in adult education curricula. Once you've completed this certificate program, you'll know how to develop curricula in systematic and practical ways to create effective, efficient and appealing instruction in any content area and with any medium, including live instruction. 

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Leadership Studies Certificate

This certificate focuses on how to develop and implement an organizational vision and the development/implementation of short, long, emergency and strategic plans. With this certificate, you'll gain an understanding of how organizations function and demonstrate an ability to utilize this knowledge with a wide variety of organizational stakeholders. You'll also walk away with new ideas about personal development and personnel processes that help build support for organizational change and progress. 

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Workforce Development Certificate

This certificate focuses on how to develop an understanding of workforce development policies and systems in the United States, and will also develop your skills in the development, management and evaluation of programs for adult education. Upon receiving this certificate, you'll understand the needs, characteristics and learning styles of the U.S. labor force, and you'll develop skills in collection, analysis, and interpretation of labor market data and trends as well as an understanding of business models and concepts. 

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