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Ph.D. in Global Leadership

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Lead in an Interconnected World with a Global Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

Today’s global environment requires innovative leaders who can adapt to fast-changing environments and create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. These leaders must be culturally aware, analytics-savvy and able to anticipate challenges. They must also have the skills to communicate with and influence people across cultures and continents. To respond to this need and develop a new generation of strong global leaders, Troy University has developed a one-of-a-kind, fully online Ph.D. in organizational leadership program: the Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership. If you want to lead businesses, organizations, universities or even government institutions, the TROY Ph.D. in global leadership equips you with a unique skill set and interdisciplinary knowledge to help you excel in your role, whether domestically or abroad.

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“This past week, I’ve been in London with classmates from my Ph.D. program as part of our doctoral practicum. I felt honored to present at the Student Global Leadership hosted by the Foundation for International Education with a few of my classmates — Lauren Cole, Assad Raza and Gregory Gumina. We also had the opportunity to hear from leaders across different industries throughout the United Kingdom and have had several cultural experiences. This journey started a few months before the pandemic hit, and it is wonderful to finally meet my classmates. Thank you, Troy University, for the experience and program professors J. Basil Read III, Ph.D., and Dionne M. Rosser-Mims, Ph.D., for coordinating the trip and exposing us to organizations such as The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), NHS England and Lloyds of London.”
Jenene Calloway | Current Global Leadership Ph.D. Student | Vice President of Talent Development & Chief Diversity Officer at Schreiber Foods

A Ph.D. in Leadership with a Focus on Global Competence

Leadership in today’s work environments — whether in the public sector or private, nationally or internationally — is increasingly complex. TROY’s program goes well beyond traditional Ph.D. in leadership programs, encompassing crucial global viewpoints and leadership skills. In the program, you’ll learn concepts and skills applicable to domestic and international leadership, including policy analysis, human capital development, cultural knowledge, ethics, and facilitation of global teams and innovation within global organizations. These skills apply widely across organizations and institutions, positioning you to lead effectively regardless of the setting.

A Global Leadership Degree from a Global University

Earning your Ph.D. in global leadership from TROY means joining an internationally positioned institution with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in a global environment. Whether you want to lead businesses with global reach or institutions of higher education, you’ll learn within a university that requires the same global competencies to operate internationally that you’ll learn in the classroom. Here you’ll work with and learn from faculty with rich backgrounds in global leadership, from military leaders to administrators of TROY Global Campus.
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Global Leadership Program Curriculum

The Ph.D. in global leadership comprises 63 credit hours, 45 of which are core, research and dissertation courses. After completing core coursework in global leadership, you’ll take classes in your chosen specialization: organizational leadership, higher education administration, instructional leadership and administration, public administration or strategic communication. Global leadership coursework includes:
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Global Leadership Program Locations

The Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership is offered exclusively online, accommodating students worldwide. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Going Global: The International Internship

At TROY, we are intentionally international, striving to offer a uniquely global doctorate degree in leadership. We not only bring a worldwide focus to the coursework, but we also put your focus on the world and help you develop international leadership skills through first-hand experiences. 

As part of your global leadership coursework, you’ll travel to a country outside of the United States to meet and learn from the leaders who are changing the world. You’ll gain direct experience confronting the challenges facing international organizations and a mentor, guide and coach who will help prepare you to succeed in the international marketplace.

To arrange the internship, you’ll work with a faculty advisor to identify an opportunity that aligns with your skill set and dissertation interests. Examples of the internship include shadowing a senior leader in a commercial firm or international organization; working on a project for a commercial firm, nonprofit or government agency; attending a faculty practicum seminar; or designing your own immersive experience (under the direction of your advisor).

TROY Campus

Career Opportunities for Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Graduates

Qualified global managers are in demand across different sectors of the economy. Global leadership professionals are employed in a variety of environments, including health care, education, higher education, multinational corporations and many others.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Pamela Lemoine - Program Contact

Dr. Pamela Lemoine - Program Contact

Dr. Lemoine teaches global leadership, higher education and instructional leadership at TROY. She has lived and worked in several countries over 13 years, including Japan, Germany and Canada. Her research interests include globalization, global educational leadership, international higher education, immigrant and refugee children, the impact of digital technology and E-learning.
Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims

Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims

Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims is a full Professor and Vice Chancellor for the TROY’S Phenix City Campus. She has served in a range of leadership positions during her TROY tenure. Over the past ten years, she has engaged in a range of international-related work, including leading study abroad experiences and serving as a workshop presenter for the Higher Education Resource Services, East Africa Leadership Academy held at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Her research interests include leadership development, women and leadership, leadership and intersectionality theory, adult learning and development, and international and comparative adult and continuing education.
Dr. Basil Read

Dr. Basil Read

A retired Navy captain, previous professor at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and leadership consultant, Dr. Read brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in international leadership to the School of Education. A Navy subspecialist in international relations, he worked extensively with Caribbean and Latin American governments and navies to promote democratic principles of conduct and multinational interoperability. He is a past secretary general of the InterAmerican Naval Conference. His research interests include leadership, followership, ethics, gatekeeping, influence and team dynamics.

Choose an In-Demand Ph.D. in Leadership Concentration

The Ph.D. in global leadership program prepares you to meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment driven by technology and innovation. Our program allows you to tailor your Ph.D. to the leadership field that fits your goals: higher education or organizational leadership. No matter which track you choose, the core coursework allows you to examine global leadership from various contexts and settings. You will develop and refine your global perspective and leadership principles by learning to understand better, respond to, and influence global leadership's larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context. You’ll learn to analyze changing environments in complex international and domestic organizations and explore how these environments impact — and are impacted by — globalization.
Organizational Leadership
The organizational leadership track is designed for early- to mid-career leaders in diverse settings, including business, healthcare, nonprofits, churches, schools, criminal justice and law enforcement, and those who desire to improve their leadership skills within their own domestic or international organizations. Regardless of your field, this track will prepare you to grow organizational and personal leadership skills, offering coursework in leading change and transformation, human resource development, management, mentoring and coaching.

Higher Education
The higher education specialization prepares students for an academic career in the field of higher education. Students work closely with their academic advisor to draw from courses from the division and from other areas on campus that relate to their area of inquiry. Through coursework and a research assistantship with their advisor, students develop the skills they need to conduct quality primary research in higher education. The specialization focuses in all facets of higher education. The specialization in Higher Education requires international internship experience. This program will be available in January 2021.


FAQ About the Global Leadership Ph.D. Program

Learn more about global leadership, the internship program and other program features.
What is global leadership?
Global leadership is the ability to lead people, businesses and organizations within a globalized context — that is, taking into account different cultures and backgrounds while moving toward a common goal. Global leaders are able to consider and adapt to different cultural norms and tackle unique challenges that come with international leadership.

Find more frequently asked questions about the program here.
Why study global leadership?
The effectiveness of its leadership often determines the success or failure of an organization. Because of the interconnectedness of the world’s economies, organizational success demands a new type of leader who can function effectively in domestic and international situations. However, leaders with these skills are scarce. As a result, qualified global managers are in demand across different sectors of the economy. By studying global leadership, you position yourself for new career opportunities and success within administrative positions worldwide.
How long is the required international internship?
Internship lengths will vary based on your chosen experience, but you must spend at least 12-14 days in your host country (including travel).
What practical experience will I gain in the global leadership program?
While much of the Ph.D. in global leadership focuses on theory and research, you’ll gain significant experience applying what you’ve learned to real contexts. Several courses will include a practicum component, and most program tracks require a capstone project. Additionally, the international internship provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain exposure to global leadership in practice. 

Whether shadowing a global leader, contributing your skills to an international project or attending international conferences, you’ll gain diverse, rich experiences in the field.

Find more frequently asked questions about the program here.

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