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Graduate Degrees in Elementary Education (Grades K-6)

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About our Graduate Education Certification Programs

With a Master of Science in Elementary Education from Troy University, you can build on your previous bachelor's degree and teaching experiences to sharpen your skill set, earn more income and make yourself more marketable.

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Getting Your Elementary Teaching Degree Online at TROY

TROY’s master’s in elementary education is offered entirely online with some courses offered on campus for students who prefer a more traditional approach. This delivery model permits practicing teachers the opportunity to further their education without the need to attend on-campus courses. Additionally, this program allows students flexible course planning, meaning students are not confined to regimented course sequences and can take full- or part-time course loads. TROY’s master’s degree in elementary education is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This accreditation ensures that our traditional master’s in elementary education program meets or exceeds the field’s highest academic standards.

Get Real-life Teaching Experience

This degree requires students to complete one semester of a teaching internship. This internship provides students with necessary teaching experience with help from a cooperating teacher. Students will learn real-life teaching experience through a variety of teaching methods that incorporate the use of technology as well as the use of hands-on laboratory experiences.
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Elementary Education Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, coursework may include:

Elementary Education

The Master of Science in Elementary Education is offered online and as a blended program at the Troy Campus. A blended program combines both online and face-to-face courses in the required program of study. For more information about program availability and delivery options call 1-800-414-5756

Careers in Elementary Education

Faculty Profiles

Carman Purifoy

Carman Purifoy

Carman Purifoy is the Graduate Programs Coordinator, Certification & Field Experiences for the College of Education.
Dr. Timon Paleologos

Dr. Timon Paleologos

Dr. Timon Paleologos is the Traditional Graduate Coordinator in the College of Education.
Dr. Lisa Etheridge

Dr. Lisa Etheridge

Dr. Lisa Etheridge is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education.

Graduate Elementary Education Degree Options

Broaden your career opportunities by choosing a specialization that fits your career goals.
Master of Science in Elementary Education - Traditional or Alternative-A
The unique strength of TROY's elementary education program is based on the College of Education's mission to prepare informed and innovative educators. Our dedicated and knowledgeable faculty will teach you the skills needed within this field. 

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Academic Catalog - Traditional Program
Degree Map - Alternative-A Program
Academic Catalog - Alternative-A Program
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) - Elementary Education
School systems need elementary education specialist (elementary Ed.S.) graduates to assume leadership roles in central offices and K-6 schools. That’s why TROY’s elementary education specialist program is designed to equip you with the skills needed to help schools raise their test scores by focusing on student development. This program is available with a Thesis or Non-Thesis option.

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Students are working on an informative writing project in Benton's first grade classroom.

Putting Your Elementary Education Degree to Work

“Teachers are so much more than just teachers,” says Troy University alumna Gabriella Benton. Benton is a 2022 graduate of TROY’s elementary education specialist program that prepares students for leadership roles in education. She’s been putting her elementary education degree to work in a first-grade classroom in Brunswick, Georgia.

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