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About the Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Degree Program

Music is part of the universal human condition. Whenever and wherever humans have existed, so have music and entertainment. As a result, opportunities for careers in the music industry can be found far and wide. If you have an artistic vision, passion for music and business awareness, Troy University’s Bachelor of Science in Music Industry program can help you refine your skills and prepare you for a wide variety of music industry jobs.

POPulus plays in the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park

A Diverse, Exceptional Music Industry Degree

Join a unique music degree program that combines both the art and business sides of music. TROY’s music industry program provides you with comprehensive instruction in many areas of music, including global musical traditions, songwriting, recording studios, music technologies, studio repair, marketing, arts management and concert production. At TROY, you’ll explore the relationships between the various music areas and discover which focus is right for you, whether that’s retail, recording, distribution, legal aspects, publishing media or management.

A Music Industry Program with Real-World Experiences

TROY’s distinctive music industry degree offers several exciting real-world work opportunities. You’ll develop, stage and present music concert productions in a variety of performance environments, giving you an understanding of artist management, production, marketing, booking, touring and several other crucial skills. You’ll also have hands-on opportunities to work with industry-leading technologies in audio production, including computer-based applications. Your capstone course includes an internship experience in places like Nashville, New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Atlanta, Austin and other major cities in the music industry.
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Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year or based on your focus area, coursework for the Bachelor of Science in Music Industry degree may include:
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Music Industry Program Locations

The Bachelor of Science in Music Industry program is offered in person on the Troy Campus. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Learn from World-Class Composers, Producers, Performers and Scholars

Bringing a wealth of experience to the classroom, TROY’s music industry degree program faculty provide practical insights that can help guide your career. Our respected faculty have worked in a wide range of roles within the music industry, many of them for decades. Their accomplishments include publishing hundreds of works, working with artists such as Celine Dion and Trace Atkins, performing on Broadway and serving as band conductors, to name a few.

These diverse experiences mean our faculty can speak to the numerous career paths you can take in the industry and help connect you with opportunities that fit your interests and career goals. You’ll also gain exposure to a wide variety of topics and practices within the music industry.

John M. Long Hall

Careers in the Music Industry

With a B.S. in music industry, you’ll have numerous music industry career opportunities that fit your unique interests, talents and goals.

Faculty Profiles

Eric Ward

Eric Ward

Eric Ward is an Assistant Professor of Music/Audio Engineering. He teaches music technology, audio principles, studio production techniques, live sound reinforcement and more. He also manages TROY’s audio production facilities. Mr. Ward has over 15 years of experience in the music industry as a percussionist, arranger, consultant, teacher and numerous other roles.
Kenneth Beck

Kenneth Beck

Kenneth Beck is a lecturer in the music industry program and teaches music technology courses. Mr. Beck has numerous experiences in the industry, working with the Troy University Symphony, Concert and marching bands as a conductor, contributor and audio engineer. He’s also worked as a notation engraver and recording engineer for several music publishers and owns a small business that provides local production and recording services.
Brenda Jean Hamilton

Brenda Jean Hamilton

Brenda Jean Hamilton is a lecturer of voice and co-director of the music industry ensemble, POPulus. She has over 15 years of experience in the music industry, including Broadway performances of musicals such as Wicked, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Light in the Piazza. She teaches applied voice and trains all functions, colors, and registers of voice to help her students create unique and individual artistry.
Barry Morgan

Barry Morgan

Barry Morgan is an adjunct professor in the music industry program with broad experience in law and the music industry. He has served as Solicitor General of the Cobb State Court since 1998 and previously worked as an Assistant District Attorney for Cobb County. His music industry experience includes serving as a high school band director and presenting legal clinics for music teachers nationwide.
Dr. Alan Clark

Dr. Alan Clark

Dr. Alan Clark is an adjunct professor in the music industry program who has several notable experiences in music, including working with Celine Dion, Amy Grant, Wynonna Judd and other well-known artists. Dr. Clark has worked as the Air Force music director, director of bands in high schools, and in various roles across the country and the world.

Choose Your Area of Study

TROY’s music industry degree program offers three focus areas to help you on your career path.
Business Operations

Learn the basics of the business side of music, from marketing and merchandising to booking and touring. The business operations emphasis prepares you for roles as an agent, publisher, manager or concert promoter.

Audio Engineering
Work with music and video technologies to create memorable sounds and scores. The audio engineering focus includes courses in audio recording techniques, digital editing, audio production (in a recording studio), live sound reinforcement, remote recording techniques, film scoring and more.
Creative Artists
Refine your musical talent and tap into your creativity. The creative artists' focus includes coursework in production, composition, songwriting and performance, such as American Popular Music Ensemble and Improvisation.

Scholarship Opportunity: Audition for POPulus

Substantial scholarships are available for music industry students who perform in POPulus, our American popular music ensemble. Auditions are held in April each year with performances beginning in the fall semester. Contact Robert W. Smith, program coordinator for more information.

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FAQ About the Music Industry Degree

Learn more about the music industry and TROY’s degree program.
What can you do with a music industry degree?
Music industry careers include numerous roles in technology, production, promotions, touring, artist representation and more. TROY’s music industry degree allows you to focus on a particular area of music, such as business operations, audio engineering, or creative artists, to broaden your career opportunities.
What are the different jobs in the music industry?
Specific entry-level music industry jobs include booking agent, tour manager, stage production specialist, audio engineer, lighting engineer, merchandiser, performer, or musical tech specialist. Other jobs include artist manager, session musician, music publicist, composer or music arranger.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a graduate degree that will prepare you for advanced music industry roles or marketing, business and music production, explore TROY’s unique MBA in Music Industry program.
What job in the music industry is right for me?
The music industry is full of opportunities for graduates with a range of skills and interests. The music industry career that’s right for you will vary based on your specific strengths, interests and educational background. At TROY, you can choose one of these focus areas that best aligns with your interests and career goals:

  • Business Operations: If you’re interested in the business side of the music industry, you can go into roles such as marketing specialist, publicist, concert promoter, merchandiser, entertainment attorney (with a law degree), artist manager, sales associate or music publisher.
  • Audio Engineering: If you enjoy working with technology, an audio engineering role may be the right career path for you. Audio engineering job titles include arranger, production sound mixer, sound engineer, audio engineer, music recording engineer, audio technician and audio producer.
  • Creative Artist: If you have a passion for songwriting, composition, singing or performing, a job as a creative music artist may be right for you. Job titles include director, producer, composer, music therapist, concertmaster, orchestra manager, vocalist or musician.

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