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Music Industry Courses (MUI)

MUI 1101 - American Popular Music Ensemble (1)

An examination and application of music and music performance focused in the American popular music genres. Students will experience and perform popular music styles/genres including rock, R&B, mainstream pop, country, and hip hop among others. In addition, students will experience studio production process and procedure in the recording of music tracks for release through a record label. Prerequisite: By audition.

MUI 2201 - Improvisation (1)

An introduction to basic improvisation through guided performance practices. Chord symbols and terminology will be used to describe various chords and scales. The “musical vocabulary” presented in this course is designed to provide a strong foundation that can be applied to multiple styles of American popular music. Students who complete the course will have the necessary tools to improvise at a basic harmonic level. Prerequisite: MUS 1103.

MUI 2230 - Survey of Music Industry (3)

An introduction to practices and inter-relationships of the music industry, such as retail, recording, distribution, legal aspects, publishing media and employment.

MUI 3305 - Music Technologies (3)

Study of the computer-based applications as currently used in the music industry for audio production including MIDI sequencing, multi-track recording, audio editing and music notation. Prerequisite: MUI 2230.

MUI 3310 - Audio Principles and Techniques I (3)

A basic course to develop the understanding and skills to produce audio recordings. Listening skills will be emphasized along with editing, recording, and basic sound design for film/video. Prerequisite: MUI 2230, MUI 3305.

MUI 3315 - Song Writing (2)

Study of basic skills and techniques of songwriting including lyric writing, melodic construction, and harmonic progression. Prerequisites: MUI 2230, MUI 3305, MUS 1103.

MUI 3325 - Recording Studio I (2)

An examination of the art of studio recording. The mixing console, microphones, signal processing, and digital recording systems will be studied and experienced. Prerequisite: MUI 3360.

MUI 3326 - Recording Studio II (2)

In-depth study of audio recording in the studio environment. Remote and studio recording techniques, studio process/protocol, and post production will be studied and experienced. Students will prepare a recording project portfolio. Prerequisite: MUI 3325.

MUI 3340 - Live Sound Reinforcement (2)

An overview of contemporary live sound reinforcement techniques. Students will experience various aspects of working in the live sound environment including: audio component types, venue/acoustical considerations, signal processing/application, specific technical considerations, microphone techniques, mixing techniques, and sound crew protocol. Prerequisite: MUI 3360.

MUI 3345 - Audio for Producers (2)

An overview of audio production in the recording studio environment, including industry-standard process and procedures. In addition, the roles of the producer, engineer, and musician are explored through a series of recording sessions while working in digital audio environments. A final recording project will be completed as a part of the student’s portfolio. Prerequisite: MUI 3310.

MUI 3346 - Studio Repair & Maintenance (2)

Course includes basic electric instrument adjustment, maintenance, and repair, common industry standards and guidelines, practical evaluation, and hands-on adjustment and repair. Prerequisite: MUI 3326, MUI 3340.

MUI 3360 - Audio Principles and Techniques II (2)

This course is an in-depth examination of audio recording. The curriculum will cover remote and studio recording techniques. The related areas of sound reinforcement and post-production will be covered at length. Students will apply advanced microphone techniques, utilize digital editing and plug-ins, and prepare a recording project portfolio. Prerequisite: MUI 3310.

MUI 4410 - Arts Management/Concert Production(2)

A study of artist management and concert production including show development, venue management, marketing, booking and touring. A music concert production will be developed, staged and presented in a variety of performance environments. Prerequisite: MUI 2230, MUI 3305.

MUI 4420 - Film Scoring (2)

Examination of the process and preparation of digital music for film, digital video and animation. Prerequisite: MUI 3310.

MUI 4430 - Marketing of Recorded Music (2)

An in-depth study of the process of studio production, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and distribution of contemporary recordings. Prerequisites: MUI 2230, MUI 3305.

MUI 4435 - Music Merchandising (2)

Examination of the production, marketing, merchandising and distribution of musical products in the current music marketplace. Prerequisites: MUI 2230, MUI 3305.

MUI 4448 - Audio Mixing and Mastering (2)

An exploration and application of audio mixing and mastering techniques used in contemporary audio production. Prerequisite: MUI 3325.

MUI 4460 - Senior Practicum (3)

Career preparation in student’s area of emphasis including a culmination project/presentation, internship placement, and portfolio development. Prerequisite: approval of adviser/ coordinator.

MUI 4480 - Seminar in Music Industry (3)

An advanced course focused on the development of the professional skills portfolio. The student will develop a project to be added to their portfolio upon completion. Prerequisite: MUI 4460.

MUI 4499 - Music Industry Internship (9)

Students will be assigned an internship position in the music industry. The intern will be supervised by a music industry faculty member. Prerequisite: MUS 4460.

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