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Academic Advising at Troy University

How Can an Academic Advisor Help?

Ensuring the holistic success of each student is at the heart of the mission of the advising team in the John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success. In order to meet our goal of helping each student to be successful, the advisors in the JWS Center help with much more than simply choosing classes, adjusting to university life as a first year student, or helping students choose a major. Our advisors work to ensure that each student performs well both in and out of the classroom, help students become aware of and navigate obstacles, encourage student engagement both socially and academically, track each student's successful progress towards their intended major, and promote the importance of overall well-being. 

In addition to advising all freshmen until the completion of their forty-fifth credit hour, the advisors in the JWS Center support students who are:

  • Conditionally admitted
  • Undecided about their major
  • Taking one or more developmental courses in mathematics or English
  • Seeking an associate degree
  • Earning a baccalaureate degree in interdisciplinary studies

Advising Syllabus

“TROY’s First Year Advisement Program helped me navigate my freshman year with ease and excitement!”
Isabella Worley | B.S. in K-6 Elementary Education '22


Academic Programs, Support and Degrees Available in the JWS Center

Conditional Student Program

The Conditional Student Program provides academic guidance and support for students conditionally admitted to the university. The program offers students a point of contact to provide them with encouragement, guides on study skills, time management, and other topics for new college students, and resources to excel in their studies. Conditional students also have access to workshops, opportunities for tutoring and individual counseling on improving their GPA, registration, and many other topics. Students are mentored, advised, registered and monitored on an individual basis.

Conditional Contract

Appeal for Readmission

Developmental Studies Program

Students who are seeking a degree at Troy University must complete certain prerequisites prior to beginning the general studies requirements as listed on their program evaluation located in Student Planning. Incoming students will be automatically placed in math and English courses based on their ACT/SAT sub-scores if those scores are less than three years old. Students who meet the eligibility requirements may elect to take the placement exam. For eligibility requirements and additional information, visit the Testing and Assessment Lab

Students who are required to take one or more developmental classes will be advised by the advisors in the Office of Student Development until the student successfully completes the required developmental classes. The following classes are considered to be developmental:

  • ENG 0096: Fundamentals of Grammar
  • ENG 1100: Preparatory English
  • MTH 1100: Fundamentals of Algebra
  • MTH 1105: Intermediate Algebra

Any student who places into both developmental English and math must take TROY 0095. The purpose of this course is to educate and equip Troy University students with information, skills and experiences necessary for current and long-term success, both in college and in life. Students will be presented with practical application techniques for inclusion in other courses offered at Troy University, specifically within English and Mathematics courses. Growth Mindset Theory and metacognitive learning strategies will be introduced to students. Self-awareness, self-management, time management, goal setting, and other topics will be discussed. NOTE: This course is for institutional credit only and will not be used in meeting degree requirements. This course will not substitute for any general studies requirements.

It is strongly suggested that students seek assistance from the TROY Learning Center whenever possible. The center is located in Eldridge Hall.

Pathfinder Program: How to Choose a Major

On the Troy Campus, students who are unsure about their major or are planning to major in a program that is not available at Troy University are invited to be in the Pathfinder Program. The Pathfinder Program is designed to offer students a flexible, supportive environment in which they can explore their career and/or academic options at Troy University. As a participant, students may be enrolled in the Pathfinder Program for a period of up to four semesters or until the completion of their General Studies classes. However, students may declare their major at any time. All Pathfinder Students MUST declare a major before their fourth term of enrollment.

Learn More about our Pathfinder Program for undeclared majors.

Associate Degree

Earning an associate degree can be a stepping stone toward achieving the more advanced goals you have set for yourself. If one of your educational goals includes earning a baccalaureate degree, you and your advisor should choose classes that will satisfy the degree requirements for both the associate degree and the baccalaureate degree desired. TROY offers an Associate of Science in General Education Degree.

Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The interdisciplinary studies program lets you build your degree program based on your individual career goals and skill set. Within this program, you’ll complete your general studies courses and select three academic minors that will hone your skills across a broad spectrum of topics and specializations. This course load will be rounded off with any unrestricted electives you choose to complete the minimum 120 hours course requirement. Study with and learn from expert faculty from throughout the University in the most in demand programs. Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

“The program offered me a semi controlled environment in that my first year was not too overwhelming all of the sudden. This was especially important for me as I navigated mental illnesses and college alone. The program was exceptional to the degree of caring. If a student wants to be successful academically in a specific field of study and not be completely overwhelmed this program is for you. It helps to remedy the disparity between high school and college, particularly that of low grade high schools.”
Caleb Jayden Carlos | Dual Major of Spanish and Social Work


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Ensuring the holistic success of each student is at the heart of the mission of the advising team in the John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success.

Your Academic Advisor: Helping You Achieve Your Dreams Is Our Specialty

Attending freshman classes at any university should be an exciting first step for a student on a journey from high school and onwards toward their dream career.

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