Graduation Timeline

Graduation Timeline

Graduation Timeline

When should I consider filing my Intent to Graduate Form?

Undergraduate students who have completed at least 100 credits 

Graduate students who have completed at least 24 credit hours

How can I be sure I am ready to file my intent?

  • Obtain an academic evaluation from Self-Service.
  • Meet with your advisor and confirm that you are on track for graduation.
  • Review filing deadlines for the semester you wish to graduate
  • You must have access to your Self-service account in order to file your Graduation Application.

Once you have filed your Graduation Application and the semester you are going to graduate arrives:

  • Meet with your advisor and review your academic evaluation to ensure that you have completed or will complete your requirements prior to the end of the semester.
  • Watch for e-mails regarding graduation.
  • Review Commencement Location information.


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