The Alexandrian

About the Alexandrian

The Alexandrian is a peer-reviewed journal that features original research by TROY University students. Established in 2011 and published by the Division of History and Philosophy and Phi Alpha Theta, the journal was named in memory of Professor Nathan Alexander. Through the journal, we hope to honor Dr. Alexander's dedication to fostering students' intellectual and professional development, as well as providing a venue for outstanding graduate and undergraduate research. 

Past Volumes

Volume 1 (2012)

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Doug Allen, "From 'Excellent Office' to 'Little Consequence: The Deterioration of Gates and Arnold's Relationship at Saratoga"
David Davenport, "Southern Unionists in a Fractured Confederacy: A Historiography"
Morgan Jackson, "Mindless Monsters: The Evolution of Vampire Mythology in Modern Fiction"
D. Seth Wilson, "Navigating the Dark Waters of Evil: the Roles of Colonial Interference, Propaganda, and Obedience in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide"
Morgan Till, Brought to Bed: Childbearing in America, 1750-1950 (Book Review)

Volume 2 (2013)

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Morgan Jackson, "Traditions of Paganism and the Christian Church"
Rebecca Johnson, "The United States' Various Responses to the Armenian Genocide" 
Patrick Jones, "Military Objectives and Political Policy" 
Theo M. Moore, "Accepting the End of my Existence: Why the Tutsis Did Not Respond More Forcefully during the Rwandan Genocide" 
Colby Turberville, "From Imperator to Holy Crusader: A Historiography of the Charlemagne Legend"
Clarence C. Walker, "Trying For a Better Society: A Look at British Socialism Post World War II"

Volume 3 (2014)

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Will Alexander, "Eugenics and Animal Science: Two Birds of a Feather or a Horse of a Different Color"
Steven Helms, "English Superiority in Roanoke Propaganda: Confidence Building through Indian Portrayals in 16th Century English Travel Writing" 
Tate Luker, "The Coercive Sterilization of Native American Women by the Indian Health Services (1970-1974)"
Will Alexander, "A Review of Germania by Tacitus" (Primary Literature Review) 
Jackie Barnett, The Rise of Richelieu (Book Review) 
Peyton A. Paradiso, Women and Law in Late Antiquity (Book Review)

Volume 4 (2015)

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Tate Luker, "Whither are We Moving?: Social Darwinism and the Rhetoric of Class Conflict in the United States" 
Megan Phillips, "Don't Believe Everything You See at the Movies: The Influence of Anti-Communist and Anti-Slavic Governmental Propaganda in Hollywood Cinema in the Decade Following WWII" 
Jamie Sessions, "Feminine Conformities within the Trial of Lizzie Borden: Social Expectations of Women in the Courtroom"
Benjamin Sikes, "The Coup: An American Solution"

Volume 5 (2016)

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Melissa Franklin, "The Decline and Fall of the Western Roman Empire: A Historiographical Essay"
Petra Hokanson, "Nurses to the Rescue!" 
Megan Phillips, "Not: The Negative Linguistics of the American Legal System"
Casey W. Ralston, "Afghanistan's Political Crisis that led to the Soviet Invasion" 
Eleanor Self, "The Rise of Circumcision in Victorian America" 
Kenneth Tallant, "Stemming the Tide: East Germany's Struggle to Retain its Citizens throughout the Ulbricht Regime"

Volume 6 (2017)

Number 1

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T. Michael Davis, "The Swedish INtervention: How the Thirty Years War Became International" 
Logan Horton, "The Politicization of Ealry American Christianity (1760s-1890s)"
Saraelizabeth Parker, "The Power Within: The Inches Gained by Black Women in the Hopeless Battle of Southern American Slavery" 
Manning Russell, "Ho Chi Minh: The Impact of His Leadership (1910-1945)"
Matthew West, "Education, Literacy, and Gender in Antebellum Rural Alabama"

Special Perspectives 
Whitney Spake, "Archaeology Meets History: Ashkelon, Israel"

Book Reviews 
Ansley Markwell, "John Demos's The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America"
Jason O. Smith, "Judth Walzer Leavitt's The Healthiest City: Milwaukee and the Politics of Health Reform" 
Whitney Spake, "Karen Ordahl Kupperman's Indians and English: Facing off in Early America"

Number 2 (Special Issue)

Number 2 (Special Issue)  Cover Image

Papers Selected from Phi Alpha Theta Conference, 2017 
David Beutel, "Ebenezer's 'Good Conscience': The Inevitability of Slavery in Colonial Georgia's Most 'Moral' Community"
Lillie Hobson, "'Remember the Ladies': Recounting the Pen of Abigail Adams"
Ansley Markwell, "American Communism in the Early 20th Century: Participants or Outsiders?" 
Natalie Mooney, "La Resistance"
Marianna Nichols, "Bacchic and Christian Persecutions" 
Matthew O'Leary, "The Legacy of Risorgimento on Italian Identity, Nationalism, and the Rise of Fascism" 
Sam Rogers, "The History of the Bangor Cave Nightclub"

Volume 7 (2018)

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Abena Adaboh, "The Conflict between Medical Science, Public Health, and the Antivaccination Movement in Nineteenth Century England"
Christopher E. Anderson, "Black Educations after Brown vs. Board of Education"
Leilani Harris, "The Atlanta Jewish Committee: Collaboration in the Face of Difference"
Benjamin Hatfield, "Navigating Intellectual and Traditional Crossroads: Plotinus, Sethian Gnostics, and Early Trinitarians"
Ansley Markwell, "Not Fake News: The New York Times and Senator Joseph McCarthy"
Lauren Post, "An Organized Inequity"
Nicholas Prenzler, "The Nuclear Bomb and American Culture: A Historiographical Essay"
Whitney Spake, "Among the Steppes: A Societal Study of the Soviet Past in Kyrgyzstan"