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Courses offered every semester

HIS-1101: Western Civilization I (also online)

HIS-1102: Western Civilization II (also online)

HIS-1111: US History to 1877 (also online)

His-1112: US History since 1877 (also online)

HIS-1113: US History to 1877 (Honors)

His-1114: US History since 1877 (Honors)

HIS-1122: World History to 1500 (also online)

HIS-1123: World History from 1500 (also online)

HIS-4481: Methods and Materials for History Teachers 

Courses currently offered

HIS-2230: General Topics in History: History of American Foodways

HIS-3302: History of Religion in the U.S. (online, T4)

HIS-3375: Historical Research and Methods

HIS-3375: Historical Research and Methods (online, T3)

HIS-3375: Historical Research and Methods (online, T5, Summer)

HIS-4406: History of the New South (online, T3)

HIS-4411: The American Revolution and New Nation

HIS-4413: Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction

HIS-4441: American Constitutional Development (online, T5, Summer)

HIS-4490: Senior Seminar in History

HIS-4495: Selected Topics: Medieval Heresy and Inquisition (Dothan Campus, T3)

HIS-5548: History of the West in American History (graduate, online, T3)

HIS-6665: Seminar in Medieval History (graduate, online, T3)

CLA-3312: Civilization of Rome (Counts as upper-level history)


Courses offered in Fall 2020

HIS-3346: Cultural History of the United States to 1877  (online, T2)

HIS-4453: History of the Modern Middle East 

 Further List Forthcoming

Philosophy and Religion

Courses Currently Offered

Spring 2020 - Troy Campus

PHI-2203: Introduction to Philosophy

PHI-2204: Ethics and the Modern World

PHI-2205: Introduction to Logic

PHI-2215: General Topics in Philosophy

PHI-3310: Applied Ethics

REL-2210: Intro to Biblical Studies 

Term 3 2020

PHI-2203: Introduction to Philosophy - Dothan

PHI-2204: Ethics and the Modern World - Montgomery

PHI-2204: Ethics and the Modern World - TROY - Online

PHI-3310: Applied Ethics - TROY - Online

REL-2210: Intro to Biblical Studies - TROY – Online 

Term 4 2020

PHI-2203: Introduction to Philosophy - TROY - Online

PHI-2204: Ethics and the Modern World- TROY - Online

REL-2280: World Religions - Montgomery

REL-2280: World Religions - TROY - Online 

Future Courses

REL-4445: Selected Topics in Religion: Tibetan Buddhism

Further List Forthcoming