Geographic Information Systems (GIS) minor

Analyzing the World in Front of You

  • Student
  • High School Graduates
  • Transfer Students
  • Embrace New Technologies
  • (GPS, GIS, Drones, Scanners)
  • Multiple Job Opportunities
  • Want to Work with Leading Applcations

The demand for graduates is HIGH!! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job availability in drone technology integrated with Geographic Information Systems will grow "much faster" than average over the next ten years. The current median income for someone with this skillset is approximately $64,000 per year.

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Complementary Majors
Business Marketing
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Environmental Science
Geomatics and Surveying
Political Science
Social Science
Emergency Management
Job Opportunities
Federal and State Government: Emergency Services; Urban and Regions Planners; Forestry: Administration; Civil Engineering; Environmental Services; Archaeology; Planning; GIS Specialists; GIS Engineers; Cartographers; Utilities; 911; US Army, and more.
Private Sector: GIS Specialists; GIS Engineers, Managers, Land Surveying, Marketing and Business Analyst, UAS Specialist, and more.
High Demand for Graduates, Jobs and Careers
Public Health
Oil and gas exploration
Transportation Planning
Accident and Hot Spot Analysis
Environmental Impact Analysis
Geological Applications
Agricultural Applications
Census Survey
Crime Analysis
Community Planning
Renewable resource mapping
Urban planning
Site suitability mapping
Virtual Reality Mapping
Artificial Intelligence Mapping
Business Management
Tourism Information System
Power Company
Wild Fire Monitoring and Control
Weather Forecasting
Public Infrastructure Facilities Management and Inventory
Disaster Management and Mitigation
Precision Agriculture
Postal Services Route Management
Marine and Land Surveying
Land Development